The Best Neighborhood In Montreal

Montréal is not just the second largest city in Canada after Toronto; it is an important commercial hub hosting the largest community of international organizations in the country, per Montréal International. With a geographical size of over 400 square kilometers and over 4 million inhabitants in the metropolitan area, finding the right neighborhood to live in is easier said than done. The process can be time-consuming, considering the sheer number of unique communities you have to sift through. 

However, while that is true, it is also important to point out that Montréal has plenty of good areas you can call home. Each destination has its own unique charm that allows it to stand out from the rest. Deciding where to call home in Montréal will depend on your individual preferences and needs. But regardless of your reasons for moving to this city, here is a guide that will help you narrow your search for the best neighborhoods.

Old Montréal

The ancient city of Old Montréal is one of the most fascinating destinations in greater Montréal city. Dating back to the 17th century, this neighborhood has that old European twist to it. Although quite old compared to most other neighborhoods, the buildings are well-preserved, and there are plenty of things to do. If you are interested in a brief history lesson or want to get back in time to the good old days, then Old Montréal will be a good neighborhood for you. The narrow cobblestone streets with picturesque architecture will take you back to the critical time in history that made this neighborhood.

You will love the string of lovely boutiques and restaurants within this neighborhood. Another significant landmark that is a major draw for tourists is the famous Grand Notre Dame Cathedral, notes Destination Canada. Old Montréal is a great neighborhood to live in because of its prime location and the sheer number of attractions in the city. The cost of renting a one-bedroom apartment in this neighborhood is $1,700, according to Zumper. That said, Old Montréal is an ideal destination for young professionals.

Downtown Montréal

How about immersing yourself right in the middle of all the action? No neighborhood is more central than Downtown Montréal. The city center is everything you would imagine it to be — tall skyscrapers and busy streets filled with pedestrians and motorists. Downtown Montréal is the Central Business District of Montréal City and is home to several universities and business headquarters. Although this neighborhood might appear serious with many suited pedestrians walking the streets, there is a fun side to it. Downtown Montréal boasts a string of shopping boutiques, museums, bars, and restaurants, particularly on the underground network. According to Expedia, this is one of the largest underground networks covering an area of about 20.5 miles. The CBD of Montréal city is a hub for cultural diversity. 

It is among the first places newcomers land whenever they arrive in Montréal. Moreover, because of the cultural diversity and a more urban cosmopolitan vibe, newcomers get by easier and feel at home quicker. The population diversity in Downtown Montréal comes with other advantages, for instance, a wide array of options in everything, like cuisines, art, and even music. Because of this neighborhood's position on CBD, you can expect more facilities and services compared to other destinations in Montréal. Due to the perks this destination comes with, the cost of rent of a one-bedroom apartment is not cheap, averaging at $1,633, according to Zumper.

Mile End

This is one of the most unique neighborhoods in Montréal, and it is among the few neighborhoods where art is right at the center of the cultural scene. Walking down the streets immediately reveals this destination's love for art. The beautiful murals on the Victorian buildings also expose the hippy side of this rather artsy neighborhood. According to Impakter, part of Mile End's love for art is because of the many well-known Canadian artists that hail from this region. When talking about Mile End, it is hard to ignore that it is famous for food and drinks. 

This neighborhood is home to some of the oldest bagel shops, Italian-style cafes, and restaurants. If you are searching for a more laid-back neighborhood with a local feel, then Mile End is a great option to explore. Mile End has everything you need from an area if you love the active nightlife, endless summer festivals, and random bagel runs. Mile End is another expensive neighborhood where a one-bedroom apartment costs about $1,815, per Zumper.


While most Montréal neighborhoods have their fair share of advantages, Verdun is one destination ideal for the business oriented. According to data provided by Promenade Wellington, businesses have up to a 70% survival rate which speaks to just how the local community values buying local. Besides that, Verdun is also a multicultural destination popular among English and French-speaking residents. Previously having strict regulations against alcohol, Verdun today has a string of bars and restaurants that have brought an entirely new vibe to this neighborhood. Anyone interested in Verdun today will be forgiven for thinking that this neighborhood has always been this good. 

Verdun is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Montréal, dating back to 350 years ago, mentions Time Out. Nonetheless, this neighborhood has since morphed into an admirable destination, ranking well in the coolest area in Montréal. The recent city gentrification has transformed this borough into a beautiful neighborhood that draws people's attention from other communities. Verdun is a great neighborhood not only because of its perks but also because rent is pretty cheap, costing about $1,300, notes Zumper.

Le Plateau-Mont-Royal

The popular Le Plateau-Mont-Royal is by far the coolest neighborhood in Montréal. Located right on the foot of Mount Royal Mountain, directly northeast of Downtown, this neighborhood is home to a sizable number of foreign nationals, notes Talent Montréal. It is also worth mentioning that French is widely spoken in this neighborhood and is often referred to as New France by the local folk. Formerly known as a working-class neighborhood, Le Plateau-Mont-Royal has since transformed into a cool destination for everyone to call home. Here, you will find several parks, shopping boutiques, and a group of locals enjoying bike rides in the less busy streets of the neighborhood.

For newcomers to explore this destination, the best place to begin your expedition is in the two busiest streets, Rue St-Denis & Boulevard St-Laurent. There are plenty of restaurants and designer shops, not to forget the electric nightlife venues that stay up until late into the night. One of the many advantages of living in this neighborhood is that you can quickly get to Downtown Montréal, and the rent is not ridiculously high. On average, the cost of a one-bedroom apartment is about $1,625, according to data from Zumper.