House Digest Survey: Which Carpet Color Would You Prefer For Your Home?

According to Flooring Direct, carpet continues to be one of the most popular flooring options since its invention many years ago. Unsurprisingly, it is known to have many benefits, such as the countless variety of patterns, textures, and pile heights it comes in. As a result, homeowners can typically find specific carpet styles to meet the practical and aesthetic needs of their homes. However, wool tends to be the most popular material for this type of flooring due to its durability, soft texture, water resistance, and more.

If you're considering installing a new carpet, knowing the best colors to choose between is also essential. So, House Digest has conducted a survey asking participants which carpet color they prefer for their homes. We gave them six options: white, beige, gray, dark brown, bright colors, and flecked. Next, we'll reveal the hues with the most votes and the characteristics that have led to their popularity.

A safe option for homes with constant spills

According to our survey, out of 629 respondents, 30.37% (191 people) chose gray as the carpet color they would prefer for their home. Bond Products says gray is a neutral hue that is easier to take care of than white or beige because it can easily camouflage stains and dirt. As a result, homeowners who choose this color won't have to worry about calling professional cleaners on a regular basis. Additionally, it's also available in many different shades, making it a simple process for homeowners to find something to complement their decor. Therefore, gray carpets can fit most design themes, from organic modern to farmhouse. 

Bond Products also says gray carpet is an excellent choice for those who have hardwood flooring because the contrasting tones can create balance in a space. However, it can also be used to create a striking contrast. For example, if your living room is full of light colors, a charcoal gray carpet will attract attention and ensure your lighter-accented pieces stand out.

A color with various design options

Coming in second is beige, with 27.34% of respondents (172 people) preferring this carpet color for their home. According to 50 Floor, similar to gray, homeowners adore this hue because of the many different stylistic approaches it caters to. For example, you can install a plush carpet for a more cozy look, a textured jute to complement your modern aesthetic, or a woven pattern to complete a traditional design. It's also a useful option for those who want to introduce some brightness in their residence to create the feeling of a larger space. Also, like gray, the neutrality of beige makes it easy to complement most types of decor. It does this while adding a touch of warmth to your home, making your space feel more inviting. 

The following are the other options in order of the most to the least amount of votes: dark brown with 94 votes (14.94%), flecked with 75 votes (11.92%), white with 52 votes (8.27%), and bright colors with 45 votes (8.27%). Unlike the top choices, these carpeting options are not known for stylistic versatility (in the case of bright colors) or hiding stains (which white carpets are bound to show). While this cannot be said for brown carpets, dark colors are known to make a room look smaller. Also, flecked carpeting may strike some homeowners as an antiquated option that reminds them of their old elementary school's flooring.