How To Choose The Right Size For An Ottoman

Sinking into your favorite chair or couch after a day's hard work is feeling unmatched. And, it gets even better if you have a place to comfortably rest your feet as you catch up with your latest TV show. Although ottomans are often not high up on the priority list for most homeowners, these puffy and comfortable pieces of furniture have proven quite essential and versatile over the years. While the primary purpose of this piece of furniture is to provide a place to prop your feet, they can also serve as coffee tables or provide an extra sitting area with storage if you so wish.

The beauty of using ottomans in the living room is that you can have more than one to accommodate the needs of that particular interior space. This piece of furniture is available in different shapes including, circular, rectangular, and cube, but before deciding on the shape, Mix & Match Design recommends taking into consideration the other furniture within the space. So are you on the hunt for an ottoman but you can't seem to make up your mind on the right size or style? Our expert tips should help you get started.

How big should an ottoman be in the living room

Getting the right-sized ottoman for your space is important for functionality and for achieving the right design balance. Often, however, a one size fits all mentality simply doesn't work. It all depends on several factors including how you are going to use it and the available space in that particular room. If your intention is to use the ottoman as a footstool in your living room, Four Centuries recommends a length of no more than 2/3 of the couch's length. In addition, the height is equally important. For sofas,  Designing Idea recommends finding an ottoman with matching floor-to-seat height. However, when using it with a chair, consider making the ottoman an inch or two shorter. 

Another worthy consideration is how far it should be placed from the couch. Placing it too far away may mean that you won't get to comfortably prop your feet, too near and you risk creating a trip hazard, not to mention making the space feel cluttered. Preferably, a clearance of about 12-15 inches is enough between the two pieces of furniture, suggests Brosa

How big should an ottoman be in the bedroom

Another popular space where ottomans have found a home is in the bedroom, particularly at the end of the bed. This piece of furniture is a welcome addition to any sleeping space, especially if it has extra storage for linens. To get the most out of your ottoman in the bedroom, you need to pay attention to the size and proportions. As a general rule of thumb, the ottoman needs to play nice with the bed, both in size and general appearance. As for aesthetics, the choice of material is critical. Havenly recommends Faux leather because cleaning is a breeze and it is also easy to style

When it comes to choosing the right size, Emily Henderson mentions that an ottoman needs to be about 3/4 of the length of the bed. Other than that, height is another necessary consideration, Henderson advises that the optimum height for the ottoman is a few inches shorter than the bed. With that said, keep in mind that ultimately your needs and unique circumstances should dictate the right size and shape of your ottoman.