The Color Combination That Will Be Everywhere In 2023, According To Etsy

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2022 was a year that genuinely embraced mental health and putting yourself first. It was a year that encouraged us to invest in our inner peace and search for calming experiences in every area of our lives. In home furnishings, this meant soft textures, subtle hues, and curved edges that gave our spaces an authentic zen experience. Decorilla outlines some of the most prominent 2022 trends as nature and botanical themes, multifunctional spaces, vintage looks, and organic shapes. While we shouldn't expect these to disappear in 2023, they will undoubtedly grow and change. 

The colors we permeate into our homes set the tone for each room, which means choosing the right shades is of high importance. Etsy's 2023 colors of the year dare us to step outside of traditional motifs and invest in more daunting compositions. Naming more than one color for the first time ever, Etsy expects 2023 to hold a promising range of multifaceted and diverse designs.

Indigo and honeycomb

Indigo and honeycomb are walking down Etsy's runway in 2023 as their named colors of the year. These hues play on trends we saw thriving in 2022 but add a fresh look to the mix. Serenity and nature are reflected since indigo is as dark as the ocean's depths and honeycomb as warm as the sun's rays. Yet, even with how earthy these colors are, one can find clean and classic elegance in these saturated tones. Due to their versatility, indigo and honeycomb are perfect for those inviting eclectic style into their homes.

The blue-violet pigment of indigo invokes calming spirituality while making a bold statement. We are past the idea that tranquil spaces must be muted in color and are embracing daring and vivid palettes this year. Honeycomb stays on trend with its marigold coloration that can simultaneously feel like the leaves of fall and summer sunshine. The warmth and comfort this deep yellow casts in a room will feel as sweet as the nectar it's named after.

Infusing these colors into your home

It is easy to become enamored with many different color palettes as numerous design possibilities are at our fingertips. When considering strong and distinct colors like indigo and honeycomb, you may want to start small with home accents that explore prints, patterns, and mono colors. Accent walls are good to dabble in before painting an entire room, and the right wall art and lighting fixtures will create harmony throughout the space. Indigo is a great contrast to white, making it the perfect color in kitchens and bathrooms against white tile and marble. For living spaces, consider Anthropologie's indigo Boro Star Sideboard and West Elm's Olive Chair in its midnight performance velvet.

Honeycomb pairs well with creams, beiges, and dusty colors like sage green and terracotta. One can go for a '60s or '70s retro look with Article's three-seat velvet Sven Yarrow Gold Sofa or utilize this rich yellow as a neutral with Target's Woven Washed Windowpane Throw Pillows. Whichever innovative ways you decide to incorporate these striking colors into your home this year, they are sure to be the star of the show.