11 Unexpected Places For Mirrors That Will Elevate Your Space

When we think of mirrors, it's usually in the spaces where we get ready for our day or night — bathrooms, bedrooms, and above a vanity or a full-length mirror in a wardrobe. Maybe our foyer for one last parting checks to make sure we look fit for public consumption. Mirrors, and mirrored objects, however, have far more benefits to other spaces in the home than merely reflecting our images. According to The Luxurist, beautiful mirrors can also be an aesthetic statement and a piece of art in and of themselves.

Known for their abilities to manipulate light and space in any interior, mirrors are often a great place to turn for design inspiration. There's a reason fairy tales are full of mirrors and their magic. If you're looking for ways to use mirrors and reflective materials in novel and functional ways everywhere in your house, we've rounded up a few suggestions for using these items to beautify your space. 

1. Space and light

The best use for mirrors in the home is any space or room that needs extra light or dimension. Here, a full-length standing mirror increases the room's size by making it seem like the frame is a doorway to another room. It also reflects the sunlight from the window and adds visual interest to a blank wall. 

2. In the kitchen

Kitchens are usually the last place one might think to hang a mirror, but they are one of the best places to take advantage of the light-casting magic of reflective surfaces. Here, a paned mirror replicates a window along a windowless wall. Consider adding a mirror above your sink or counters to break up the wall.

3. As sculpture

Mirrors are often an excellent alternative to art, allowing a sculptural sense of shape and visual interest without detracting attention from other desired elements in the room. In addition to the light-reflecting ability and trick of the eye that makes the room look larger, these organically shaped mirrors complement but do not compete with the sofa. 

4. Above a desk

Placing a mirror above your workspace or desk is an excellent way to gain some extra light and the benefit of looking at something far more interesting than a blank wall. Mirrors are an excellent alternative to a window where none are available, making your desk area seem well-planned and intentional. 

5. On furniture

Reflective furniture, popular in the 1970s, has a comeback, with mirrored tables, vanities, bureaus, and more glamming up interiors of all styles. Mirrors camouflage the piece they cover, making them blend in their surroundings or seem to float. Mirrored furnishings are excellent for smaller spaces cluttered by traditional furniture, keeping things airy and light. 

6. Mirrored trays

Mirrored trays have been a favorite in vanities for centuries as a place to store and display cosmetics and accessories attractively. They are also great for other home areas, like bar carts and in the kitchen, where their glassed surface reflects light and the objects placed upon them, giving a sense of lightness and dimension. 

7. Above a fireplace

Many older homes and apartments are outfitted with antique mirrors; you can get a similar effect by creating a wall collage of smaller mirrors. Here, circular and starburst mirrors provide a fresh alternative to a traditional rectangular mirror. The mirror groupings also work in entryways and stairwells, where a single large mirror may be too bulky.

8. Opposite a window

One of the best ways to create the illusion of more space and light is to place a large mirror directly opposite a window. The mirror will reflect the room and the window and widen the viewer's perception of the space. Here, the mirror combined with an accent wall stretches a narrow room to make it seem much more expansive than it is. 

9. A disco ball

Disco balls are having a moment. They can be used as a décor element for boho and glam-style rooms and as a reflective, prism-casting wonder that can liven up any space, particularly when placed near a window, for maximum effect. Small disco ball tiles can light everything from backsplashes to table surfaces, giving a similar effect. 

10. Mirrored mantle

The center of any home, mantles are traditionally wrought out of earthier materials like stone, wood, and marble. However, this sun-filled modern room opts for mirrored panels on the surround. Not only does the reflective surface make the fireplace disappear, along with the television mounted above, but it does not dominate the room, casting attention toward the light-filled windows and phenomenal view. 

11. Mirrored fixtures

Lights are a natural pairing for the reflective power of mirrors and mirrored surfaces. If you'd like a little more sparkle, consider buying mirrored shades and fixtures that put out the light and amplify it. Try a mirrored chandelier, mercury glass candelabras, or these coppery reflective pendants for a warm glow.