This TikTok Hack Will Stop Your Garbage Cans From Smelling

Once you throw away garbage, it should be out of sight and out of mind. But sometimes, depending on what you toss out, it can cause your trash can to emit an awful, lingering smell that won't go away until you walk it to the curb. According to Clean Cans, a garbage can's odor is typically caused by decomposing food. As this begins to happen, the amount of microbes increases while they consume the decomposition, which leads to an emission of chemicals that makes your garbage smell horrible.

If this is something you're absolutely done dealing with, then you've got to check out a popular TikTok hack we've found that is sure to help. According to Demand Sage, about three billion people have downloaded this app and 1.5 billion are actively using it each month. As a result, there's an endless amount of videos to peruse through, especially when it comes to cleaning tips — which we argue are the most satisfying to watch. If you're ready to enjoy the smell of your home again, take a look at the simple steps you can take to make it happen.

The power of essential oils

The TikTok user known as The House for Hosting has done us all a favor by revealing a simple hack for a fresher-smelling garbage can. All you'll need are two items: felt pads and your choice of essential oils. According to the video, you'll need two felt pads per trash can. Once you've added a few drops of essential oil (they did about six), you can stick them inside the can around the upper edge. After you've finished, you can then insert a garbage bag, and you won't have to replace the pads for about a month.

This hack is starting to gain popularity, with over 200 likes, 41 shares, and a few comments stating how great people think the idea is. Users like Melindamontlavo39 thanked the creator for making the video and said they think it's a "perfect idea." Others were just downright amazed by this hack, with Susie33 calling it "so clever."

Different hacks to try

If you don't have any felt pads lying around, TikTok user Sabrina Soto advises using a cotton swab instead. It's very similar to the previous hack, as all you'll need to do is add a few drops of any essential oil onto a cotton swab, but instead of sticking it onto the trash can, you can just let it sit at the bottom. Then, just add a garbage bag and go about your day. 

If you don't like using essential oils, Jumoke Jackson has offered three alternative tips in one video (via TikTok). First, this TikTok user advises lining your trash can with newspaper or brown bags because they have the ability to soak up smells. Another tip is to drop one dryer sheet onto the bottom of your trash can before placing a garbage bag over it, which not only leaves a nice scent but is easily replaceable. Lastly, the content creator advises filling a Ziploc bag with baking soda and leaving it at the bottom of the waste basket. According to Emily's Maids, baking soda can also absorb bad smells and should be replaced about every week.