This TikTok Cleaning Hack Makes Sweeping So Much Easier

We all have a chore we dread doing every week. But we also know these weekly tasks are crucial to maintaining a clean household. For some, bathroom cleanup can be a nightmare; for others, the kitchen tends to be a total disaster before the weekend even hits. However, the internet has delivered a unique gift that offers helpful cleaning advice to make household chores easier; TikTok — or should we say, CleanTok. According to Consumer Reports, CleanTok is what users search on TikTok to find helpful tidying tips and hacks. Due to its popularity, this feed has garnered over 40 billion views.

Now, we'd like to share a CleanTok viral sweeping hack we've found to make eliminating debris easier. Because many of us have experienced pesky crumbs or dirt that won't flow into a dustpan. Thankfully, this hack has homeowners quickly solving this problem without spending extra money on expensive cleaning supplies. So, if this piques your interest, prepare to have your sweeping routine changed forever.

A task done in a flash

If you're losing your mind because your dustpan won't pick up small crumbs, then you've got to try this TikTok hack by Shannon Doherty MOM Hacks (via TikTok). No, you don't have to run to a nearby home improvement store or add anything to your Amazon shopping cart. Instead, if you're experiencing this problem, Doherty advises grabbing a paper towel and only wetting the edges. This way, you can lay it down on the ground and easily sweep onto it whatever debris you have left. Once you're done, simply fold the paper and toss it into the trash can — a quick and painless procedure.

This video has over 12,000 likes, 146 shares, and 81 comments of people praising or relating to Doherty. Users like Jennifer Johnson Cru said their mom taught them this trick in the 1980s, while others exclaimed their excitement over discovering this hack. "Super duper idea to get that little bit of dust I sneak behind the cupboard," Gaga said.

Another hack to give a try

The TikTok cleaning hacks don't end there. User Armen Adamjan has revealed a similar trick but uses a slightly different method (via TikTok). After you've swept the floor, they advise dampening the debris by spraying it with water and then picking it up with a paper towel before throwing it away. This user says that with this hack, "nothing is left behind." However, we suggest doing this periodically as you sweep because this trick may not do so well with larger piles of dust. The video also reveals several different types of tricks that can be used around the home and currently has over 504,000 likes, 34,000 shares, and 1,309 comments. 

But although this video showcases many astounding cleaning hacks, users, such as Hassan_Codes, believed the sweeping technique was the best of them all. And Misty Ruffino confidently thanked the poster, exclaiming how their tips actually work.

Others were also thoroughly impressed. "This guy knows how to save a buck and clean, too," Patricia said. "I need a man who knows these things!"