Designer Emily Henderson's Favorite Way To Arrange Flowers

Have you often wondered about the best way to arrange flowers? Although the task may seem daunting, interior designer and stylist Emily Henderson has some simple tips to help you excel. A former prop stylist, Henderson has gained hands-on experience designing and setting up a variety of spaces, including her success as HGTV's "Design Star" winner. With an added understanding of clients' interests via her successful design show "Secrets From A Stylist" to her ongoing blog, Henderson knows that favorably displaying anything requires patience and practice. So, how does the professional stylist arrange flowers? By keeping things simple.

"You can't go wrong with just one variety," Emily Henderson advises (via HGTV). While not everyone's a florist, Henderson's straightforward approach to creating stunning flower arrangements can be employed by homeowners of all skill levels. Even better, you won't require dozens of flower varieties, priceless vases to display them, or a Hollywood budget to afford it all. 

Select your favorite variety

What's your favorite flower? When undertaking a flower arrangement, you shouldn't be afraid to select one type that always brightens your day. "Roses, lilies, and peonies are pretty no-fail varieties," says Emily Henderson (via HGTV). "Buy a bunch with some flowers open and a few closed. Trim off the leaves that are below the waterline so they don't get moldy, but keep the rest of the leaves intact to complement the flowers."

Depending on the season, you might opt for whatever flowers are reasonably priced at your local florist. On the other hand, you may choose a more elegant selection, like peonies in your favorite colors, such as red, white, and pink hues. Showcase fragrant peonies in the spring or vibrant sunflowers in the summer and early fall, which enhance any space when multiplied. Once you've decided on your flower, keep your arrangement simple. And by selecting flowers that are both opened and closed, your arrangement will be ready to be seen without wilting too quickly.

Choose a suitable vase

Displaying your favorite bouquet with the right vase will ultimately augment the arrangement. "Choose a vase that's narrow at the neck. Wider-mouthed vases are harder to style and require buying lots more flowers," Emily Henderson explains (via HGTV). A narrow neck will keep stems standing well together while filling space evenly, so it's easy to see why Henderson prefers those. However, the stylist doesn't have such a strong preference for a vase's length. "I don't have a hard-and-fast rule for stem length — you just want to make sure stems are long enough that there's more than just the flower bud popping up out of the vase," Henderson says.

One problem many homeowners have when arranging flowers is simply doing too much. However, at-home arrangements shouldn't feel forced and rigid within the relaxed environment of your space. Henderson advises, "Toss in the flowers and move them around. The best arrangements are natural, not dome-like. The more perfect you try to get it, the stiffer it is."