This Chic TV Trend Will Free Up Your Living Room For More Innovative Layouts

When designing your family room, many people create a cozy area around their TVs, which makes sense considering the time spent watching the tube for ultimate movie nights. According to Civic Science, most Americans watch TV at night after work, with around 55% spending about four hours doing so. With that said, many people make plenty of mistakes when buying a TV, from not getting the measurements right to not purchasing a TV stand that's the correct size. 

Thankfully, there are several TV trends to consider when figuring out your room's design style to blend perfectly with your décor, including the gold picture-frame hack that makes your TV look like a piece of art on the wall. However, if you want to free up space in your living room, you will want to keep reading because this chic TV trend gives you a more innovative layout and so much more.

TV lifts are the best space savers

Progressive Automations shares that TV lifts are an ideal option for homeowners looking to create more space in their living and family rooms or wherever they put a TV. These popular devices can conceal your television in a partition wall or even furniture. The company shares how easy it is to operate, too, making it possible for homeowners to display their TV quickly with the push of a button on a remote.

To maximize your room's layout, you can have your lift and TV hidden on your ceiling or a wall panel. Imagine how easy it would be to arrange your living area without worrying about your TV placement since it's taken out of the equation. This gives you countless options to feature your couch and seating areas however you want to create them. Besides making it easier to design your space, there are many benefits to having a TV lift.

Why you should consider these smart devices

Other than giving your room many space-saving layout options, a TV lift can protect children from harm in two ways, according to Progressive Automations. First, the company explains that having your TV hidden away can keep kids from seeing inappropriate content when watching shows and movies, and second, it ensures they stay safe from harm.

Unfortunately, unsecured television sets are a significant issue across the U.S. regarding child safety to this day. According to The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, around 71% of kids' deaths are because a TV wasn't properly anchored to a wall or a television stand. TV lifts are a great way to help you configure your design layout, but more importantly, this technology can save children's lives. Furthermore, having your television hidden away when not in use can protect it from possibly falling and breaking or other damage, too.