Are Luxury Countertops Worth The Money?

Homeowners thinking of a kitchen remodel are often stumped over selecting a new countertop. There are many options in this field, and prices can vary greatly. Fixr notes that countertop installation can run a wide price range, from $1,500 to $4,500, based on size, slab construction, and of course, the selected material. Luxury countertops have a magnetism about them, but new reporting by Realtor suggests that they might not provide the kind of boost in your home that would have accompanied luxury material selection in previous years.

The choice to revamp a kitchen is a big one, and it comes with many nuanced decisions. Pairing quality counter space with beautiful cabinets, appliances, and more can bring the project together and establish a cohesive style. As a result, homeowners are often faced with a budgeting choice that often results in a selection of similarly graded building materials across the whole room or a splurge purchase in one category to establish a focal point. Luxury cabinets, a high-tech refrigerator, or the best in marble for the counter might be that selection. Still, it's worth considering whether high-end countertops will bring in the right benefits for you and your long-term needs.

Luxury countertops add a taste of the good life

For many, luxury countertops are immensely worthwhile because they bring about a variety of upgrades over a more standard countertop material like solid surface or tile. Luxury building materials such as granite or marble are harder than many other options; they add a layer of durability, stain, and scratch resistance and can even support the heat of direct contact with a pan fresh off the stove. However, these added features aren't the primary draw for most homeowners who select luxury countertops. Instead, the magnetism comes from the stone's beautiful exterior sheen and grain pattern. When asked to name their dream worktops, marble, granite, and even quartz countertops often rank highly among survey participants, and it's because of the beauty they bring to the table.

Cubro also reports that luxury designs can incorporate curated lighting installations, among other personalization, that make the countertop far more effective in your unique household space. Luxury designs loom large in the minds of homeowners considering a kitchen remodel and for a good reason. They add a depth of exquisite and functional living to a part of the home that is both highly visible (and therefore requires some eye-catching features) and must remain immensely functional. Supporting your cooking and entertaining needs requires creative design and intuitive style selection.

However, exquisite countertop materials won't always hold their value

Realtor notes that high-end countertops offer a shine, longevity, and awe factor that make people flock to them. However, regarding resale value addition, marble, granite, and other luxury countertop options often don't hold up to their purchase price. Making a change in the countertop material that graces your kitchen will certainly add visual weight, but if you're thinking of enhancing certain features in the home in preparation for a sale, then looking elsewhere for value addition is your best bet. Realtor suggests enlarging the total dimensions of your counter space instead. A larger countertop — fabricated with the help of a kitchen island, rolling kitchen cart, or counter-extending cabinets — adds preparation, work, and sitting space to the area. 

According to Realtor's findings, these features make a kitchen far more attractive to potential buyers. In truth, while a granite slab counter will remain durable for many years, the personalized element of your home may not be a high priority for a future owner. So their offer will reflect this disinterest. Similarly, if you don't take good care of a polished stone countertop, it can look dull or even show chips along the edges. These blemishes will further diminish the selling power that a luxury countertop can bring to your home.