Why You Should Avoid Open Shelving In Your Nursery

One of the most exciting and fun activities for an expecting couple is to design a nursery. However, it can also be a stressful occasion. Just finding the perfect paint color can have parents tearing their hair out by the end of the day. And questions like, "Should I aim for something gender neutral?" or "Will this create a soothing environment?" flood their heads until they can't think straight. But although it may be harrowing, designing a nursery for your child is an important task. According to Home Design Institute, being conscious of your styling choices is crucial to creating a space where your child can be creative and ambitious.

In order to do that, we suggest avoiding open shelving. This has become a popular design trend over the years, and homeowners have used it to display and store some of their most cherished decor pieces. But as you furnish your nursery, we believe open shelving is something you should leave out. We'll explain everything you need to know below, as well as offer better storage solutions.

Trendy but disastrous

Although open shelving may seem like a great idea at first, it can quickly become a cluttered nightmare, notes Insider. The thought of installing shelves onto the walls of your nursery to display cute toys and memorable photographs may seem like a good idea, but it can quickly make your space feel disorganized. As a new parent, you already have a list of daily chores, and upkeep on your open shelves should be the last thing on your mind. 

Additionally, if opening shelves aren't kept tidy, this can create stress for parents and their children. Penn State Extension notes that a disorganized space can leave children and parents feeling overstimulated and restless. Also, a cluttered mess on your open shelves could end up accumulating dust and dust mites — both of which can impact the quality of air in your nursery. According to Baby Gaga, dust can cause your infant to cough, sneeze, and have itchy eyes. So it's best to avoid creating more chores than you can handle. 

Better alternatives

If you're a parent who craves additional, stylish storage space; we've found a few options you're sure to love. According to Nursery Design Studio, the best way to utilize your closet space is by adding a few baskets. This way, you'll have a designated location for a variety of items, such as diapers, toys, seasonal clothing, and blankets. To keep it looking chic, we recommend choosing fabric or woven baskets. Or, add another set of closet rails to increase your amount of hanging space.

Additionally, those with minimal space should look into purchasing an armoire. There are a variety of styles and colors to choose from, and we believe it's a great option for busy parents. The ability to close the doors and hide certain items can put your mind at ease as you tend to your child and focus your mind on more important things. Although armoires can be pricey, it's a furniture piece that can grow with your infant, up until they leave for college.