21 Must-Haves For Making Your Sunroom The Perfect Victorian Conservatory

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Sunrooms are a beautiful space in any home, providing wide open expanses of natural light, a habitable place for greenery, and a lovely place for relaxation and contemplation. Older homes and apartment buildings often have them and increasingly, new constructions sport useful spaces like three-season rooms and screened-in porches aplenty. Their appeal is far from new, particularly in climates that limit outdoor activity during parts of the year. According to Gardinia Windows, the space rose to popularity in the 18th century, with enclosed glass rooms housing orange and other citrus trees in colder climes. 

Additionally, vast Victorian conservatories, with their gorgeous glass exteriors and intricate interiors, were frequently a key place in any 19th-century home, often sporting exotic plants, flowers, and furnishings that spoke to grandeur and decadence. The trend continued into the 20th century as sunrooms and similar spaces became a hallmark of many suburban homes. 

Whether you have a dedicated sunroom or just a particularly bright and light-filled space in your home, you can make it a lush Victorian sanctuary with the addition of a few key elements (prices current at time of publication).

1. Bistro table

The perfect spot for coffee and a crossword, a bistro table provides a great spot to spend your morning in all that sunlight. This beautiful brass and marble-topped table from Burke Decor ($999) is a lovely addition to your sunroom with a distinctive Victorian vibe.

2. Wrought Iron Planter Box

An abundance of planters are a given in any Victorian conservatory, and this ornate wrought iron planter box from Overstock.com ($136) is a lovely option. It has a shelf for décor or additional potted plants below. 

3. Hammock

An ideal spot for afternoon reading (or napping), this ivory hammock from Limbo imports ($179) provides a cozy spot in the sun and a berth amidst the greenery.

4. Settee

If you have the space for larger seating options, a settee immediately makes a sunroom feel luxurious — preferably upholstered with velvet or an extra-luxurious woven fabric like this option from Arhaus ($3,399). It immediately turns the space into a much-utilized room in your home.

5. Chandelier

In the age when electric lights were new and candle-lit rooms were popular, the Victorians had a way with beautiful lighting. A crustal or stained glass chandelier instantly elevates any space, particularly rooms that depend so much on natural light during the day. This glistening piece from Ballard Designs ($1,099) is a stunning way to achieve peak turn-of-the-century luxury.

6. Antique fan

This vintage fan from Home Depot ($77) has a serious old-world industrial feel and provides a stylish way to keep your sunroom cool in the heat without sacrificing any charm. 

7. Stained glass windows

This stained glass window film from Amazon ($23) is a gorgeous way to add a touch of class at an affordable price. You also gain some privacy if your windows need it in well-trafficked areas.

8. A fountain

While the soothing babble of fountains are often a garden favorite, a number have indoor/outdoor capabilities, including this ornate lion wall fountain from Lamps Plus ($199). It comes with an easy-to-install electric pump and is made of light-weight resin with a brass finish.

9. Hanging planters

Every Victorian conservatory needs an abundance of lush hanging greenery. These spherical iron planters from Hayneedle ($78) are stylish and functional, providing an old-world aesthetic to any sunroom.

10. Wicker seating

Wicker and rattan are endlessly adaptable natural materials, gorgeous in a number of décor schemes, including Victorian rooms. This rattan accent chair from Overstock ($295) is a wide and comfortable seat suitable for long afternoons.

11. Wooden desk

A desk in a sunroom may seem incongruous, but it makes a nice and relaxing place to work or journal — and what better surface than an ornately-carved desk? This spindle-legged option form Grandinroad ($549) is awesome for creating a cozy corner spot.

12. Rattan rug

Rattan is not only perfect for furniture but also as a floor covering that brings the outside in. It's also durable and easy to keep clean in spaces with a lot of dirt and detritus. This rattan rug from Rugs USA (price varies) comes in a number of sizes ideal for whatever option works for your sunroom.

13. Nature-inspired art

While sunrooms boast a lot of windows, that doesn't mean that there isn't space for artwork. These taxidermied butterfly frames from Amazon ($20) are made with real preserved specimens, budget-friendly, and look lovely hung or leaning against a wall or shelf of books. 

14. Glass cloches

Used to house everything from animal specimens and pants to décor items, cloches and bell jars are a distinctive Victorian touch. These cloches from Terrain ($38 to 68) not only provide a place to protect your favorite things, but come in varied sizes. 

15. Bar or tea cart

A bar or tea cart provides an easy way to bring your favorite beverages wherever you need them, such as in the corner of the sunroom. This wheeled cart from CB2 ($599) comes in a richly-shaded rattan, key for bringing a 19th century safari feel to your libations.

16. Greek-inspired busts

These stunning cement bust planters from Anthropologie ($28 to 44)) not only serve as functioning holder for plants, but immediately give any room a luxurious throwback to Victorian gardens of yore.

17. Floral cushions

Any cozy sitting or reading spot in sun room needs some comfy, floral cushions. These William Morris print throw pillows from Rejuvenation ($99) are a glorious and historically-accurate fit for any Victorian-inspired space.

18. Mosaic side table

Ideal next to a chair or settee, an intricate wrought iron mosaic topped table instantly adds a garden feel to your interior space. This affordable option from Walmart ($58) is beautiful in shades of green and blue.

19. Antique radio

While perhaps not historically accurate by letter of law, this vintage radio definitely makes a stunning addition to your sunroom, particularly if you love using the space for entertaining. This one from Amazon ($100) boasts a turntable and Bluetooth capabilities. 

20. Iron lanterns

Candles are an attractive way to add light to your conservatory when the sun goes down. These lanterns from West Elm (price varies) come in a variety of sizes and keep flames safely contained.

21. Terrarium

Sometimes the most fledgling seedlings and smallest of plants need a small contained area of their own, particularly if you have children or pets. These terrariums from H Potter ($89) are a functional and stylish solution for creating a mini greenhouse in your conservatory.