The Best-Selling Home Items At Walmart Are No Secret Anymore

Are you updating your home decor or gadgets and want to know what Walmart offers? You might be surprised at some of its little-known, best-selling home items. For many people, Target has been the go-to spot for chic home decor, and Walmart was where you went if you wanted something practical but budget-conscious. But things have since changed. In recent years, Walmart has revitalized and rebranded itself through partnerships, collaborations, and acquisitions, aiming to sell trendy private labels like Target (via Retail Dive). In 2022 alone, the big box store launched a home collection with Miranda Lambert, an organization line with The Home Edit, and debuted a furnishing collection with Better Homes & Gardens, which is meant to mimic Chip and Joanna Gaines' line at Target. It also expanded its collab with Gap, dubbed Gap Home, and has just about every kitchen appliance or cleaning gadget on the market. Suffice it to say there is a lot to choose from in Walmart right now, but before you go impulse-buying, put a little planning into your trip. 

With today's impossibly high prices on almost everything, you may be surprised to find that Walmart has some pretty amazing home products at competitive prices. We've put together a list of some best-selling home items at Walmart that are no secret anymore! The best part is this list is only a drop in the bucket, meant to give you an idea of what's available. We hope you enjoy it and find some amazing deals.

Duhome velvet accent chair

The Duhome Swivel Accent Chair is seen here in pink velvet, but also comes in dark gray velvet or black or white faux leather. Reviews on the item are excellent, with 4.6 out of 5 stars from 38 reviews. It comes with special tools that help you assemble it within just a few minutes. The seat adjusts up and down from 18 to 22 inches high and can hold up to 285 pounds. 

This adjustable chair can go just about anywhere, and would look great tucked into a workstation or used as a make-up chair for your vanity. It can be adjusted to the perfect height for a specific mirror or changed to a particular desk height. It can help make multitasking a breeze since it swivels 360 degrees while standing in one place. 

Purchase the Duhome Swivel Chair at Walmart starting at $139.99.

Woven Paths farmhouse barn door TV stand

Next, we have this unique TV stand from Woven Paths, made to look like it's made out of a barn door! This particular version uses reclaimed barn wood, but it also comes in regular barn wood, gray wash, sable, stone gray, or white oak. The TV stand has two glass doors in the center and two open cabinets or cubbies on either side, and can accommodate up to a 65-inch TV. The cabinet stand measures 25 inches tall and 58 inches wide, so be sure to measure your space beforehand.

This piece is ideal for farmhouse-style decor, adding a rustic element and coziness to any living room. This style has become extremely popular in recent years thanks to Chip and Joanna Gaines, typically expressing a down-to-earth aesthetic and creating a comfortable atmosphere. 

Purchase the Woven Paths Barn Door TV Stand at Walmart starting at $339.

Easyfashion wooden lift-top coffee table

This is a versatile option for a coffee table by Easyfashion, measuring 36 inches wide and 21 inches tall. The top of the table actually lifts up and adjusts to whatever height you prefer for working on your laptop or eating in front of the TV. Underneath the hinged tabletop is a large space for storage, making this particular coffee table extra handy. Work from home right from your couch in comfort. Its modern aesthetic will go with nearly any look, and it comes in black, espresso, rustic brown, rustic gray, or white colorways.

Keep in mind this is a smaller version of a coffee table designed for areas with limited space. You could easily put it in a bedroom or home office area instead. However, if you need a larger version, the same model is also available in a 47.5-inch size. Most of us can relate to having storage issues, so a coffee table that can serve two purposes goes a long way. 

Purchase the Easyfashion lift-top coffee table at Walmart starting at $79.99.

Thyme and Table 12-piece dinnerware set

This elegant-looking dinnerware set for four people is by Thyme and Table, and it comes from its Marble Collection. The material is stoneware but looks like black marble with gold veins. It can safely go in the oven, the dishwasher, the freezer, and the microwave. It includes four dinner plates, four bowls, and four salad plates. These nice-looking dishes make a beautiful presentation, and are durable and high-quality. Other matching pieces for this set are also available if you're redesigning the whole kitchen, and these make a good base color for bold color themes.

Pair this dinner set with gold-plated silverware for a touch of extra class. Save them for special occasions or use them every day; these dishes are durable and fancy enough for whichever you decide. This particular set has great reviews and 4.7 out of 5 stars. 

Purchase the Thyme and Table Black Marble dinnerware at Walmart starting at $46.98.

Songmics folding storage ottoman

Songmics makes this faux leather bench ottoman that opens up and allows storage inside, similar to a hope chest. It's 43 inches long and nearly 15 inches tall, and can be put in many places. It can be used to sit on, put your feet up on, or store blankets in. It has a hinged lid mechanism, so you can flip either side up to open one side or the other. Durable and sturdy, it comes in black, brown, and white. If 43 inches is too long or you want a shorter one, it also comes in a 30-inch version.

These storage benches are so versatile — you can add them to the end of the bed, in the entryway, hallway, living room, or wherever you prefer to put them. There is ample room inside for storing linens, family games, or toys, depending on which room you put them in.

Purchase the Songmics folding storage ottoman at Walmart starting at $59.99.

Pioneer Woman plush reversible throw blanket

Another best-selling home item is this plush reversible throw blanket from the Pioneer Woman collection. It gives a country vibe to whichever room you place it in, and is made of polyester "plush velvet" for extra softness. The neatest thing about this throw is that it's reversible and has a different color pattern on each side. This one is the pink Country Rose pattern, and the reverse side is blue.

They come in many different patterns, like an aqua color called Evie Floral, a dark blue rose pattern called Fancy Flourish, and a red and white checkered pattern called Charming Check. Another great thing about these throw blankets (besides their versatility) is their stylishness. It's easy to find one that matches your overall decor, and you can literally throw them anywhere! 

Purchase the Pioneer Woman reversible throw at Walmart starting at $14.98.

Cosori Smart Air Fryer

Since it's trending right now, the 5.8 qt. Cosori Pro II Smart Air Fryer appears to be worth a second look. Air frying is a healthier way to fry food, and because of that, it's become hugely popular. The appliance only takes up a foot of counter space, and you'll likely be glad you made the room. It cooks enough food for three or more people and has a voice-control function when your hands are dirty or you are busy whipping up something else at the kitchen island.

It also works with Google Assistant and Alexa, making it a great smart home addition. In fact, the gadget itself is pretty smart. It has great safety features like automatic shut-off for overheating and helpful anti-scalding technology. If you love having all the latest cooking gadgets, this can be a useful addition to your arsenal.

Purchase the Cosori Pro II at Walmart starting at $99.00.

Ionvac SmartClean Robovac

Next on the list is the Ionvac SmartClean 2000 Robovac, a great invention you may have seen on TV or in internet advertisements. Somehow reminiscent of R2D2, it's a vacuuming robot to aid you in your daily chores! It's about the size of a frisbee on steroids, but with a motor and a brain. It's cordless and works in several ways. You can operate it either by remote control, by programming it, or through WiFi using an app on your smart device. It has built-in anti-collision sensors and technology that keeps it from falling down any stairs.

The Robovac is strong enough to pick up size AA batteries with its 2000Pa suction power. It can smoothly travel from wood and tile to carpet and rugs, and navigates furniture and obstacles easily. It also allows you to control it from afar. Say you checked your security camera on your smartphone and noticed the cat knocked over the sugar bowl. With the press of a few buttons, you can use the app and have Robovac take care of the mess before you even get home. Another ingenious feature is that it knows when it needs to charge, and automatically drives itself to the docking station and plugs in. 

Purchase the 2000 Robovac at Walmart starting at $179.88.

Hoover carpet cleaner

The Hoover FH52000 Smart Wash Automatic Carpet Cleaner is the ultimate pick for carpet maintenance. If new gadgets frustrate you, you'll be happy to hear this was designed to make cleaning as easy as possible. Pushing it forward washes and cleans the carpet while pulling it backward dries it. The best thing about this carpet cleaning machine may be how easy it is to use, with no extra buttons or guesswork involved. Because it's "smart," you don't even have to mix the solution — it does it for you.

The cleaner uses Flex Force Power Brushes for cleaning floors deeply, and this model is especially handy if you have pets. It includes a 2-in-1 microbial pet tool and a sample of cleaning liquid for those inevitable occasional messes. It uses a dual tank system that's simple to use, and the nozzles come off with one click of a button, making them easier to clean. 

Purchase the Hoover FH52000 at Walmart starting at $249.99.

Hamilton Beach stand mixer

Next on our list is the red Hamilton Beach model stand mixer. It also comes in blue or black, and has a powerful 300-watt motor. Seven different speeds allow you to make anything from homemade whipped cream to banana nut bread, all in a hands-free bowl. This mixer has a classic design with a modern, stylish look, sure to blend in with any kitchen aesthetic. Plus it has a small footprint and only takes up 16 inches of counter space. It's a good option for people with a small gallery or studio kitchen, or those who don't like a large amount of clutter on their countertops.

As for accessories, it includes a dough hook, whisk, beaters, a 4-quart stainless steel bowl with handles, and a splatter shield. If you've always had your eye on a KitchenAid stand mixer, this model offers the same action at a better price. 

Purchase the Hamilton Beach model 63395 7-speed stand mixer at Walmart starting at $119.99.

Bissell wet-dry vacuum

Wouldn't it be nice to wash your floors and vacuum your rugs without switching gadgets? Well, that's what the Bissell 2554A CrossWave Max was made for. It's an all-in-one wet-dry vacuum that doubles as a mop, too. Best of all, this vacuum is cordless, giving you about 30 minutes of battery power to finish cleaning the house without having to yank or move cords. Dual tanks separate the dirty water from the clean water, and it can be used on almost any surface.

The uniquely shaped head is flat on either side, allowing you to get close to baseboards or walls, picking up more pet hair and dirt than regular vacuums. While it has a lot of perks, one of the best parts of this innovative appliance is its self-cleaning feature. After wet-vac use, it cleans its brushes and tank, making it easier to keep it in pristine working order. 

Purchase the Bissell 2554A CrossWave Max at Walmart starting at $389.99.

Lifestyle Solutions Taryn sofa

And last but certainly not least, we have the Lifestyle Solutions Taryn Sofa, one of Walmart's best-kept secrets — up until now, that is. Measuring your space is extra important when buying a couch, and this one measures 78 inches wide and 32 inches tall. It seats three people comfortably and even has tufted cushions. The sofa comes in black, brown, and gray upholstery. The cushion is made with high-density foam, and the frame is durable and made from eucalyptus wood.

This couch has a modern but classic look that can go with practically any decor. Curl up with your favorite book on a chilly evening and grab that Pioneer Woman throw blanket. Or open up the storage bench, grab a family game and gather everyone around for some homemade potato chips from the air fryer while spending a family night together. This couch makes the perfect centerpiece for your living room. Combining durability and comfort with style, this sofa deserves a second look. 

Purchase the Lifestyle Solutions Taryn Sofa at Walmart starting at $299.87.