The Bedding Hack That Will Keep You From Losing Things Behind Your Mattress

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According to the Sleep Foundation, about 70% of adults use electronic devices before bed, including TVs, smartphones, tablets, and e-readers. Most of us are aware by now that using electronics in bed isn't so good for our health, as the blue light emitted by screens can delay melatonin production and affect your circadian rhythm (via Harvard Health). Still, there is a guilty pleasure and comfort that comes from cuddling up with a movie or reading your favorite blog websites before bed. Then there are some not-so-relaxing moments, like dropping your TV remote or cell phone behind the mattress and having to crawl onto the cold floor to get it.

Losing items between the mattress and headboard can be one of the most infuriating things, especially when you're just trying to get cozy and relax after a long day. Sometimes the gap behind your bed can feel like a black hole, no matter how many times you shove the mattress up against the headboard. If you're tired of stuffing your mattress gap with pillows, socks, towels, and anything else in arm's reach, check out this ingenious invention.

This witty wedge will solve your woes

If you loathe the mattress gap as much as everyone else does, a bed wedge pillow by Vekkia on Amazon could be the answer to all your problems. Prices for this pillow range from $34.99 for the twin-sized version up to $64.99 for the king. A wedge pillow might seem like a pretty simple and practical solution to the mattress gap dilemma, but plenty of people weren't aware of this hack until it was shared by lifestyle blogger Lauryn Emily. In a video she posted on her TikTok, Lauryn Emily quickly unpacked the "game-changer" product from Amazon and tossed it onto her bed before finishing the look with some soft blush-toned pillows.

After her video went viral, Lauryn Emily told Living Etc., "When I ordered it I knew people needed it immediately, so I recommend it to everyone I know!" Her audience seems to agree, posting comments like "Yes because if I drop that remote under the bed one more time!!" and "Y'all are worried about losing remotes. We lost whole pillows (and sometimes the cat) in between our headboard and mattress til we got a wedge!"

Of course, there are other solutions

If you aren't willing to splurge on a pillow wedge or you're just trying to limit the number of packages on your porch, there are some other hacks worth trying. Lindsay Fay, founder of the home improvement blog, The Butterfly House, even created a tutorial for building a mattress gap filler with wooden two-by-fours. Her design actually goes between the footboard and the mattress, helping to boost it up to the top without needing what she refers to as "gimmicky" wedge pillows. If your boxspring is also too small for the bed frame, retailer Sleeping Ocean suggests that you scoot it down to the foot of the bed and push the mattress up to the headboard. You can then fill the footboard gap with pillows or quilts, and gravity up top will help the mattress stay against the headboard.

What should you do if you don't have a footboard? You could always get creative and sew your own pillow wedge from old T-shirts or bedsheets. Many people just stuff regular pillows behind their mattresses to fill the gap in a pinch. If you're one of those people, opt for firm, sturdy cushions that won't sink and crumple under pressure. In the long run, a mattress gap is a sign that your bed isn't compatible with the bed frame, so the best solution is to go shopping or try some DIY bed frames!