What Is A Quartz Tree, And Why Is It Lucky In Feng Shui?

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice of arranging a room and putting it together so that different energies are balanced and harmonious. National Geographic explains that it's rooted in Taoism but not exclusive to it. The basic principle of feng shui is to improve positively flowing chi, or energy, in a space through furniture arrangement, specifically, balancing yin and yang energies.

This is done in big-picture ways like arranging furniture in a particular manner, avoiding specific colors in rooms and emphasizing them in others, introducing different elements in different areas of your home, etc. Feng shui is also implemented in a Bagua map, which helps you figure out what areas of your home should be used for different purposes, what energies need to be balanced, etc., via Healthline. However, it's also done in subtle ways, through muted inclusions of various plants, images, and even decorations, such as quartz trees.

Bonsai and crystals in feng shui

Quartz trees are also known as the feng shui gem tree, per Earthbound Trading Co. It's a decorative bonsai tree made of wire with quartz crystals on the branches, usually sitting on a crystal bed. While bonsai is a Japanese term and practice, like feng shui, it's become internationally popular. According to MakaanIQ, bonsai trees represent good luck and good fortune and express the wood element in feng shui.

Peace Love Feng Shui says that crystals are also frequently used in feng shui, whether to improve the presence of different elements or enhance other zones of the Bagua map. Rose quartz, for example, is meant to stimulate compassion in the family and legacy area, smoky quartz improves mental clarity in the travel and helpful people area, and clear quartz is a general catch-all for improving positive chi and absorbing negative chi. Combining the lucky elements of bonsai trees with the productive, positive energy of crystals gets you the quartz tree.

Picking the right crystals and placement

Feng shui quartz trees are pretty to look at, but they're also incredibly functional. According to Buddha & Karma, the primary purpose of these trees is to get rid of any stagnant energy in your home and, in doing so, invite in positive chi and help you visualize and achieve your goals.

Quartz itself is meant to help decrease stress and facilitate a harmonious space, explains IGP, and different crystals can help achieve different goals. A carnelian crystal tree, for example, is big for luck and prosperity, and citrine is ideal for abundance. It all comes down to your intention for the tree, though. This means picking out which crystals will help manifest your personal goals and where you place them based on the Bagua map. If you want luck in your career, consider a citrine or jade crystal tree in the north corner of your home, for example.