What Is Smoked Glass?

Smoked glass is making its way back to contemporary and even minimalist design. The reason for its resurging popularity may pertain to its duo purpose — adding clean lines and an ornamental, yet understated, accent along with concealing what's behind Door Number 1 in some cases.

In case you were wondering where smoked glass gets its name and its smoky tint, the artist simply holds the glass over a small flame from which the smoke arises. As the smoke comes in contact with the glass, it leaves behind a permanent tinge. 

During the '70s, smoked glass furniture and wall hangings were all the rage. However, they've started popping up in more homes today but in a slightly different manner. Smoked glass has taken on more of a modern look in the form of cabinet door coverings and even larger doors, like closets or shower doors as seen in Fads. As far as bulky pieces go, you might proceed with caution because too much smoked glass can translate into too much retro, thus spoiling the contemporary motif you were aiming for.

Advantages of smoked glass

The benefits of smoked glass relate to both its appearance and its function, depending on how you integrate. To add a little mystery and contrast while allowing for natural light illumination, smoked glass provides an excellent option.

If you're opting for smoked glass windows or glass dividers, you still get privacy without losing out on lighting. Furthermore, they serve well in conserving energy and keeping out harmful rays without darkening the room.

For accents and statement pieces, like wall hangings, side tables, or baubles that fit neatly on your shelving, smoked glass adds a unique dash of color that doesn't draw too much attention to it and is versatile enough to incorporate into a room's décor. Plus, as noted by Domino, the shades of dark gray, brown, or black fit in well with different varieties of color schemes and in some cases, add a stark contrast without clashing.

How to incorporate smoked glass

Integrating smoked glass into your décor is simple, and you won't have to worry about your space resembling a flashback from the disco era. In fact, you can count on a classy take on minimalism that serves well for both utility and aesthetic.

For instance, smoked glass can be integrated in a bed-and-bath design where a translucent wall divides the bathroom from the bedroom (see above) while allowing entry on one side or both sides of the wall. Likewise, smoked glass closet doors present a stylish space-saving solution and can even provide the clean lines you're looking to incorporate (per The Sliding Door Company).

The kitchen is another room where smoke glass can be installed, especially for a different twist on cabinets. Smoked glass doors allow you to discreetly display your favorite dishes or stemware. Another idea is to construct a smoked glass liquor cabinet to store your favorite wine and spirits.

And let's not forget the possibilities for light fixtures. Whether you prefer sconces or chandeliers, smoked glass works well for lighting without leaving the room too dim.