Should You Clean The Shower While Using It At The Same Time?

Housekeeper Vanesa Amaro has struck TikTok gold with her video explaining how and when to best tackle the chore of cleaning the shower – and it doesn't involve toxic chemicals and heavy-duty scrubbing. With 4.8 million likes and nearly 324,000 shares, it's apparent that her idea of cleaning the shower while you're actually showering is popular. 

You can find everything you need to get this job done using her method at a dollar store. First on the list is a dish scrubber with a soap-fillable handle. Next, Amaro says to buy cleaning vinegar and Dawn dish soap. In the video, she appears to pour equal parts of each into the handle of the scrub brush. She recommends leaving it in the shower so that it's handy the next time you're sudsing up. Just take a moment to run the brush all over the shower surfaces and let the water wash away any filth and buildup.

Does it really work?

One video commenter that goes by Kels says, "I just started doing this because of you and it's life-changing! So much easier!"

And while it may be true that the commenter's shower is more sparkly than ever, it may have more to do with the actual friction of scrubbing than the homemade cleaning mixture. Kidspot explains that vinegar is acidic while liquid dish soap is alkaline. According to Cleanfax, combining them will result in a concoction that has a lower pH and may not be effective at cleaning certain types of soiling. Using dish soap alone could likely clean your shower walls effectively (although with more bubbles).

You also want to be careful when using acidic cleaning products around natural soft stone materials such as marble. Simple Green warns that the harshness of vinegar can scratch or ruin a sealant used on marble as a protective surface. Also, make sure the scrubber you choose is labeled "non-scratch" or you run the risk of damaging any glass in the shower.