4 Simple Ways To Create The Perfect Peaceful Shower Space

For many homeowners, the shower is a place of relaxation and serenity; a spot for stripping away the day's stressors and unwinding in the privacy of home. However, even our showers can stress us out, especially when we overlook key sanitary and design considerations when setting up our bathroom. Whether you are dealing with pink mold in your shower or feeling bummed out by it's outdated pale yellow tile, there are plenty of ways to upgrade this basic essential to create a peaceful, spa-like environment.

If you're thinking about renovating, it's important to keep a couple of things in mind. First, implementing trendy or high-tech fixtures can work wonders in transforming your shower's aesthetic. However, adhering to your personal style is the best way to find peace in your shower. Second, creating a serene atmosphere doesn't have to break the bank. While some bathroom upgrades will cost a pretty penny, a thorough cleaning and the right shower head can quickly make your shower a more peaceful place on a tight budget. We've also got a great tip courtesy of Kohler that will add a welcome touch of nature to this indoor space.

Keep your shower clean

As every homeowner knows, a filthy shower isn't exactly the most inviting space in their home. However, it's not obvious to everyone how their shower becomes a haven for mildew, mold, and soap scum. If the need to constantly scrape scum from your shower is causing you to stress out, your bathroom is probably suffering from excessive humidity and moisture, per Bath Fitter. Luckily, there are quite a few ways to limit moisture in your bathroom in order to mitigate mold and mildew buildup.

The most important weapon you have in your battle against bathroom moisture is an effective exhaust fan. If yours becomes clogged or less effective over time, overhauling your bathroom fan by cleaning or replacing it is one of the best ways to prevent a moldy shower or damp bathroom fixtures. You should also leave the fan running for as much as half an hour after you step out of the shower to limit the amount of lingering moisture in the air.

Some homeowners also wipe down their shower tiles after rinsing off. This helps prevent mold by removing invisible soap scum as well as water. By maintaining a clean shower year-round with minimal effort, you can make the shower a more inviting and peaceful place for your family.

Channel your favorite spa

Do you have a favorite spa where you can spend an entire day in a delightful state of tranquility? According to American Olean, chances are good that you can channel quite a few design elements from that peaceful oasis so that taking a shower in your bathroom attains a spa-like appeal. For instance, many day spas utilize green and blue tiles due to their connection to the natural, soothing colors of earth and water. They might also use natural stone tile for a modern touch. Think about the design elements that make your favorite spa the perfect place to relax, then consider ways that you can implement these stylistic flourishes throughout your bathroom and shower area.

One thing your favorite spa probably doesn't do is assault your senses with a gaudy paint job the moment you enter the building. According to Southington Painting Company, a fresh coat of paint can serve as a crucial piece of TLC that makes your bathroom a more inviting space. Both light and dark blue paint can work wonders for those seeking tranquility in their bathroom. Subtle green and purple tones can also be a lovely accent. In many ways, your shower experience begins the moment you step foot into your bathroom and begin undressing, so don't neglect design elements that primarily exist outside of your bathroom's tub or shower stall.

Splurge on the perfect shower head

An otherwise peaceful shower can become an irksome exercise when using a less-than-ideal shower head. There are a wide variety of options on the market, so determining which style suits you (and any other household members) best is a great way to maximize your relaxation while showering. According to ServiceWhale, waterfall shower heads are an incredibly popular option for modern bathrooms. These are a great choice for those who prefer a tranquil spray over a pressurized burst of water. They're also typically more energy efficient than shower heads that require a lot of water pressure for the desired effect.

On the other hand, some homeowners look forward to enjoying an energizing shower with plenty of water pressure. Water Pik advises that a well-designed shower head can even provide relief to achy muscles via a therapeutic massage, assuming your plumbing setup provides the necessary pressure. Speaking of massages, many modern shower panel systems combine waterfall models with targeted water jets so that you can enjoy the best of both worlds while also getting clean. Whatever you do, be sure that the shower head you choose improves your ability to relax while bathing.

Add some plant life

Maybe you're seeking an instant upgrade to your shower space that is effortless to install and won't make your wallet take a hit. In that case, consider adding some house plants into the mix. According to Kohler, hanging plants to your shower is a great way to increase your relaxation by improving your mental health and energy levels. Luckily, there are quite a few plants that can be hung directly in your shower, and plenty of others that can be integrated throughout the rest of your bathroom.

When looking for the perfect plants for your shower, there are several important factors to consider. First, if you have cats or dogs that freely roam your home, be sure to choose plants that are non-toxic to household pets. Next, make sure the plants you choose love moisture and humidity, since too much of these can kill plants that are not suited for warm, wet environments. Finally, your shower probably doesn't see too much direct sunlight, so opt for a plant that will thrive in low light conditions. From Boston ferns to eucalyptus and pothos, there's no shortage of house plants that are perfectly suited for life in your shower.