The Glass Cleaning Tool You Didn't Know You Needed

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There's nothing quite as frustrating as cleaning glass that won't stop smudging. Especially when you bought a fancy anti-smudge cleaning product, you're using a microfiber cloth just like the experts told you to do, and you even broke out a liter of white vinegar, just like grandma recommended. But alas, you can buff that glass until your arm is sore, and the smudges still persist. Don't fret, though, because you're not alone! 

Cleaning windows might not be rocket science, but a lot of different factors can create stubborn marks on your glass that are hard to erase. According to the experts in Skyscraper Window Cleaning, those streaks are caused by two things: the solution in the cleaning agent evaporating too quickly, or you are not fully wiping away the product. But rather than wasting your time trying to clean the glass with Windex for the fifth time or resorting to complicated methods, you can follow one simple TikTok-approved cleaning hack that will give you sparkling glass in just about no time at all. Your glass cleaning project just got a whole lot easier and so much less frustrating, all thanks to this clever hack on TikTok.

This glass cleaning tool will save you so much time and cause way less frustration

The TikTok account Official Right Guys Reviews® shared a favorite glass cleaning hack in a video that went viral for good reason. In the TikTok video, the user revealed a secret for cleaning glass is to use a squeegee tool, which the TikToker purchased at B&M Bargains, a British variety store. The rubber squeegee is attached to a spray bottle filled with a cleaning solution. The TikToker then sprays down glass with the spray bottle and immediately wipes away the solution with the squeegee contraption, leaving behind streak-free glass. The two-in-one gadget allows this TikToker to spray on the cleaning solution, then quickly wipe away the product before it evaporates. The squeegee ensures that all of the solution is wiped away, avoiding any streaking.

If you don't live in Britain or have access to B&M Bargains, you can get a similar gadget from Amazon. You can use this tool as a shower cleaning hack or a glass cleaning shortcut, which will make cleaning windows and glass that much simpler, quicker, and stress-free.