The Best Products At Ikea To Help You Organize Your Kitchen

Cleaning the kitchen seems to be a never-ending task. Every time dishes are washed and put away, more always magically appear. Countertops are disarranged only hours after they have been organized, pantries don't resemble anything but chaos, and let's not even talk about that junk drawer. Our kitchens are easily one of the messiest rooms in the home because it is also one of the most frequently used. House Beautiful reported on a survey conducted in 2020 by furniture retailer, Joybird on home organization. With 1,900 respondents, the kitchen took second place as the most cluttered room and was just shy of coming in first.

The good news is that there are many hacks to keeping your kitchen in order. It's all about getting creative with your space and learning how to utilize it best. Ikea offers simple organization tools at affordable prices that help transform any kitchen into a clean and well-maintained area. 

Kungsfors magnetic knife rack

This stainless steel Kungsfors Magnetic Knife Rack is the solution to clearing up space by letting you eliminate that chunky knife block hogging your countertop. It's also a much safer alternative to laying your knives in drawers, which we all are guilty of blindly reaching into. Plus, knife sets tend to be pretty expensive, so opt for something that preserves their blades and shows them off. For $17.99, this knife rack can be mounted on the wall for easy and organized access. 

This Ikea magnetic strip measures 22 inches long, the perfect length to feature your knives and any other metal kitchen utensils you'd like at your fingertips, such as measuring cups and cutlery. While this rack does well in humid areas, you should still research the best place to install it based on the type of wall it is being applied to. Mounting will certainly look different on drywall than brick. Customers are overall thrilled with this purchase, giving the product a 4.7 rating and testifying that it is a "Very strong magnet" and "It keeps the knives I use most in easy reach." One customer said, "This magnetic strip is the perfect solution," as they organized their space. 

Sunnersta kitchen organizer set

Ikea's Sunnersta Kitchen Organizer Set helps counter space be less cluttered with convenient storage and hanging features. With a dish drainer and hooks for items such as measuring cups, oven mitts, scrub brushes, and more, you won't need anything but the Allen wrench it comes packaged with to put this together. This organizer set sits at a reasonable price of $16.97 and has height adjustments to fit snuggled between your countertops and cabinets. Its minimum height is 17¾ inches, extending up to 25⅝ inches. You won't need to worry about water exposure as it is made of steel with a powder coating to keep that white finish looking fresh.

Shoppers have given the Sunnersta set 3.8 stars, reporting that it is "Compact. Easy to assemble. Little odd to secure under the cabinet. Very functional." Reviewers also noted that the trays are dishwasher safe, and the product can be utilized in many different areas of the kitchen, from next to the sink to inside cabinets.

Utrusta white towel rail

The Utrusta Towel Rail is the solution to take care of all those damp towels you have been randomly hanging around your kitchen, from over the edge of the sink to around the oven's handle. This rail can be installed inside a cabinet wall so your dishcloths can hang — wet or dry — out of sight. It holds up to 2 pounds and 3 ounces over its two rails and slides out to be more accessible for retrieving or hanging items.

Given that the Utrusta towel rail offers a 25-year limited warranty, the price of just $14 is easy on the wallet. But you can expect this product to hold up decently long on its own as it's made of steel with a polyester coating that withstands water and rust quite well. Buyers have found this towel rail practical and functional, giving it 4.8 stars and noting that they have used it in various ways. One customer wrote, "I had a small cabinet intended for a trash bin. I needed a place to hide and dry my dishcloths. This fits perfectly in the cabinet and works exactly as I needed." Another reviewer described how they installed this under their sink while someone else put it in their Lazy Susan cupboards.

Ostbit bamboo plate holder

The clean look of bamboo is always aesthetically pleasing, and the Ostbit Plate Holder is no exception. Storing six plates at a time, the price of $4.99 is a steal considering the durability. Bamboo is a grassed based wood that makes it more resistant to moisture than hardwood, thus perfect for your wet dishes to dry. It can be used for more than just a drying rack — consider using it to store your plates, Tupperware lids, pot lids, or glass dishes that tend to fare better when they aren't constantly clanging together. At 11 inches long, this plate holder will fit in most cupboards.

Those who have bought this plate holder love the organization it offers; many use it for baking sheets, cutting boards, and cookbooks. One customer noted that they even used this to organize books in their children's rooms. Overall, shoppers gave this item 4.7 stars, its reviews being endless with comments such as, "Sits on the draining board perfectly and fits lots of different shapes and sizes of crockery." Others call it a "handy little dish rack," noting that "it can be tucked away when not in use."

Variera white shelf insert

If you are tired of stacking your bowls on plates and smaller bowls inside the bowls on the plates, then the Variera Shelf Insert might be just what you're looking for. With four different size options available, these shelf inserts sit in your cupboards and cabinets, making stacking dishes much more organized and efficient. Ikea packages extra screws with the purchase of these shelves to allow a sturdy, stackable feature if desired. Priced at $11.99 for the medium size, this works well for safely stacking dishes but can also be utilized for spices and pantry items to give a clear view of all your goods.

Customers have rated this shelf insert a 4.5, many saying they wish it came in even more colors and sizes because of how much they love this product. But, if the white coating isn't for you, one shopper noted how they spray-painted the shelves to match their décor much better. Others wrote, "Love my shelf helper," and "Fits in the pantry perfectly. I can put items both under and on top of the shelf to give me more space in my pantry. Great for heavy dishes too as the shelf does not bend."