3 Of The Best-Selling Dressers At Walmart

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When looking for a new dresser, it's essential to keep a few things in mind. First, consider the amount of available space you have, whether it be in your bedroom, closet, or another room in the home. If you're working with a narrow space, keep your eye out for tall and skinny options. Second, think about your style, which will help you narrow your choices according to color and overall appearance. Third, take inventory of the items you'll be storing inside the piece of furniture, as bulky clothes or linens will need deeper drawers. 

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, consider your budget: Remodel Or Move says that solid wood options may cost up to $500, and if they have extra space or features such as an attached mirror, they could cost even more. Those looking for something less expensive could find basic models made out of particle board or something similar for under $200. If you're looking for something in the cheaper range, these best-selling options at Walmart might be worth a look. 

Industrial look with fabric drawers

If you're looking for something with dark colors and clean lines, you may want to check out this option. Sold for $88.99 on Walmart's website, this dresser is made by Reahome and has eight fabric drawers, a steel frame, and a hard top made from medium-density fiberboard. Homes with an industrial aesthetic home may benefit from this budget-friendly piece, as the metal sides and gray tone would match perfectly, while the fabric drawers add a bit of softness.

With over 250 reviews, this dresser has a 4.6-star rating. Many said that it was easy and quick to assemble. Reviewers also praised how it's sturdy and offers pretty good quality for the price. However, others complained that it arrived bent or damaged, and some said it was more of an organizer than a dresser, as some clothes don't fit well in the drawers. To this end, the piece could easily be used outside the bedroom in a living space, play area, or entryway, although you wouldn't want to store anything too heavy in the fabric drawers.

Modern, space saving design

Perhaps you want something with wooden drawers in a lighter color. If so, you could look to the Homfa Dresser Chest, which has a traditional look and a tall, space-saving design. The white version is relatively affordable at $149.99, while the dark brown style is on sale for $172.99 (from $345.98). This piece has four drawers, simple gold hardware, and is made of medium-density fiberboard. It also comes with fittings that secure it to the wall.

Before you purchase this piece, you'll need to know that it is on the smaller side; some reviews said that the size might not be worth the price. Others noted that it wasn't sturdy and may be tricky to put together. However, it still gained a 4.8-star rating with over 400 reviews, as others said that they loved the metal knobs and that it impressed in terms of sturdiness and ease of assembly. Because the drawers may not be as big as other models, this choice may be best used for a child's room or a nursery, but it's stylistically versatile enough to be deployed anywhere in the home.

Simple appearance with multiple color options

Walmart's Delta Children Epic 3 Drawer Dresser comes in many different color options: White, black, gray, or walnut espresso models cost $179, while brown and warm brown models are priced at $209.99. It has bronze hardware, safety stops on the drawers, and is made out of wood composite. This piece has a simplistic and modern appeal, given its clean lines and tapered legs. This means that it could fit well in a wide variety of homes, especially considering its numerous color options.

With over 600 reviews, this dresser has a 4.4-star rating. While some complained about chemical smells and shallow drawers, others said it was easy to assemble and the quality was better than expected. Although this piece is made for children's bedrooms, many agreed it could be used for several other things. For instance, some reviewers said they work great as oversized nightstands.