The Ultimate Guide To Industrial Decor

Previously reserved for hip uptown lofts and trendy downtown studios, industrial decor has gone mainstream in recent years. It's now infused into suburban family homes and quaint condos communities. Thanks to its popularity and accessibility, the look is now easier to achieve than ever before. The industrial decor style is full of cool neutrals, mixed metals, and vintage touches. The look is based on function and utilitarianism, focusing on open spaces and raw materials. But what's really great is how it can blend seamlessly with other decor styles. It adds an edginess to a typical farmhouse vibe and can give sleek modern decor more character.

With its flexibility and increasing popularity, it's safe to say that industrial style is here to last. MyMove predicts that the nostalgia and the appreciation for raw materials will give industrial style real staying power. So, use these ideas to add these stunning, stylish elements to your home's aesthetic.

Creating an industrial color palette

Let neutrals be your guiding force when developing your industrial color palette, as per Decoraid. The foundation of the style is rooted in tones that pay homage to the industrial era. So focus on grays, beiges, and black. Then, expand your options to create a look that's all yours. To fully transform your home and give you a blank slate for industrial styling, paint all of your walls a neutral hue. Keep in mind that a charcoal accent wall might add drama, but a whole room in the tone can feel like a dungeon. If you have a tight space, create an airier feel with a pale gray or even a white paint job.

When developing your palette, keep your flooring in mind. If you don't plan to replace it, you'll want your color scheme to reflect your current floors. Keeping your paint in the same color family as your flooring can give your room a sleek monochromatic look. Don't be afraid of adding pops of color to your industrial color scheme. Things like rugs, statement furniture, and decorative accent pieces are great ways to play with color. Hunker suggests spicing up a gray industrial space with a red rug or using blue textiles to add interest.

Purchasing functional yet stylish furniture

When purchasing furniture, consider it an investment, especially when buying major pieces. Spending a little more in the short term can give you quality pieces for the long run. Think about how your style is likely to change over the years. Then, look for furniture that can evolve right along with your taste. Insider suggests centering your seating areas around a simple, neutrally-colored sectional. If you have a current couch that you love, order a gray slipcover to neutralize it instantly. When you are ready to transform your space, your flexible sofa will be ready to fit your next look.

The same theory rings true for all of the major furniture pieces in your home. Look for timeless options for solid pieces like dining tables and bedroom furniture sets. Clean lines, neutral colors, and classic shapes allow for future transformation to fit various decor styles. To give your furniture an industrial twist, add accents that come at a lower cost but make a big impact. Leather or cowhide throw pillows can elevate your neutral sofa. Surround your traditional dining table with galvanized steel chairs for industrial seating. These subtle changes can give you the desired look without breaking the bank.

Industrial flooring for all areas of the home

If you really want to dive deep into the industrial style, consider redoing your flooring. Several floor choices can complement this aesthetic and work in all areas of the home. Plus, they can be durable, long-lasting, and easily cleanable. Concrete is a great industrial choice for living areas and kitchens. HGTV highlights the benefits of these floors being both low-maintenance and eco-friendly. You can also customize them to create nearly any color, wash, or finish you can dream of.

If you are looking for a foundation for your industrial bathrooms, tile can be a perfect choice. Cool, slate-like tiles emulate the look of unfinished concrete. Hexagonal tiles in grays and whites are having a big moment and put a twist on the industrial look, as per The Spruce. Or, add a monochromatic metallic tile for a statement-making option. Choosing flooring for an industrial bedroom can be tricky where comfort is a priority. This is where you can lean on the wood elements that are a part of this style. Wide, raw-looking wood planks can provide the natural vibe you're aiming for. Plus, their warmness will prevent hopping out of bed onto a frigid floor.

Creating industrial accents

Adding accents to your space infuses character and makes your home more welcoming. Consider adding a statement-making element to bring your home's industrial vibe to a whole new level. Some of these projects are easy and budget-friendly but have a big impact. Exposed brick is one of the hallmarks of industrial design. Get inspired by lofty walls and create one in your own home. You can easily create the same look even if you have a newer home. Take the advice of This Old House and use a brick veneer to create the look of an authentic exposed wall.

Exposed ceilings also scream industrial decor. If you are finishing a new area like a basement, bypass the drywall and paint the beams and joists instead. Or have the drywall removed from a finished area and have the ceiling painted. Add raw wood beams to really make the effect pop. Replacing old banisters and railings can be a simple switch that makes a big difference. Look for minimalist designs made of wrought iron and steel cable. Install a steel pipe-inspired handrail for a stunning stairway statement.

Designing an industrial and functional kitchen

Your kitchen is an uber-important space. It's often the center of the house where the family gathers, and you host neighbors and friends. This makes creating a stunning yet functional kitchen super important. Industrial countertop options include concrete, stainless steel, and quartz, as per Apartment Therapy. Adding a stainless steel farmhouse sink provides an interesting contrast against all of these choices. Plus, it's durable and spacious, making it super functional.

Your cabinetry should also be sleek and streamlined. Add black iron door hardware to add to the vibe. Removing your top cabinets and adding raw wood shelves exudes an industrial loft feel. Just make sure to use matching dishes and avoid clutter so you don't distract from the overall look. Your walls or backsplash are a great place to break up the neutrals. MyMove suggests using shades of red or yellow for an exciting pop of color. A scarlet subway tile or sunshine-hued paint job can give you a kitchen that's both industrial and welcoming.

Industrial bedrooms with cozy vibes

Create an industrial vibe in your bedroom while maintaining a comfy space. Mixing elements can cause an interesting aesthetic while giving you a cozy spot to relax and sleep. Choose a well-made bed in a neutral style where you can add industrial influences. Wood, metal, and upholstered headboards all provide great foundations. Then, add bed linens and pillows to create a look. The Spruce suggests using industrial trademarks blues and grays for a serene mix of color.

Add a rug to reduce sound pollution and warm up the space. A black and white graphic pattern will fit right in with your industrial style. Or, strategically toss a few sheepskin rugs near the bed for an organic look. Choosing a decorative accent for the bedroom should express your style and personal taste. Hang a collection of black and white photos in antiqued metal frames. A vintage-look screen print with a favorite quote makes the perfect focal point above the bed.

Creating an industrial dining room ideal for hosting

Your dining room is a similar challenge to your kitchen, as it needs to be stylish, welcoming, and functional. You can create a dining room with an industrial vibe that's also perfect for hosting cocktail hours and dinner parties. The most important part of designing your dining room is the table you choose. First, ensure you are searching for the correct size for your needs. Wayfair can guide you in narrowing down the dimensions prior to your search.

If you are working with an exciting table, it can be easy to give it a refresh. Consider swapping out the current table legs with metal hairpin ones. Or, give your seating an upgrade and add leather and metal chairs to your look. Once you have your furniture selected, it's time to accessorize it. Black metal orbs make a simple centerpiece, while a tray of succulents adds a touch of greenery. When selecting dinnerware, look for matte dishes in shades of black and gray. Choose polished gold or copper silverware for a beautiful contrast.

Industrial-style bathrooms that wow

From your primary en suite to your powder room, you can inject industrial style to create stunning bathrooms. Everything from fixtures to linens can reflect your aesthetic and come together for a look that wows. For full bathrooms, the function is super important. You want them to be well-lit and organized for prepping and pampering. House Beautiful recommends using a mix of task and ambient lighting to make your bathroom stylish and functional. So, if you are committed to an industrial-style accent light with Edison bulbs, make sure to also add a brighter option to make bathroom tasks like doing hair and makeup easy.

Another awesome way to make your bathroom pop is by adding a stunning wall covering. This is a great place to add a whitewashed faux brick or raw wood planked wall. Or, use a peel and stick wallpaper that mimics concrete or corrugated metal for a unique look. When shopping for bathroom linens, look for monochromatic grays or cool blues that align with the industrial style. Natural linen or patterned Turkish cotton make chic and quick-drying hand towels, as per The Spruce. A raw wood or galvanized steel floating shelf makes stylish storage to stash extra towels above the toilet.

Mixing metals for a stylish look

Metal is a staple in industrial design. This sturdy and diverse material can be added to various elements in your decor. Mixing metal colors and finishes allows it to pop and creates unique combinations. When mixing metals, The Spruce recommends being intentional and focusing on a dominant one in each space. This could mean choosing a steel light fixture and silver metal stools in your kitchen and selecting gold cabinet hardware to play off them. Or, if you add black iron railings to your space, use copper accents to make them pop.

But you also don't want to overdo it. "Mixing metals within one room is great, but mixing metals on one piece inside the room is where to draw the line," designer Teri Clar told the publication. "If I have black door handles, let's keep the robe hooks on the back of the door black as well, even if your sink faucet and pulls are brass." Adding metal to unexpected places further enhances your industrial decor. Swap out traditional wooden chairs for sleek steel ones. Opt for an iron lamp in lieu of a glass base. Brass picture frames and bronze accent pieces can make incredible shelf decor.

Finding or creating industrial style art

Adding art to an industrial space can be tricky. It can be hard to find items to display while keeping your raw and unfinished vibe. Look for choices that add to your style and accentuate the rest of your decor. Monochromatic oil paintings and grayscale photography look great in industrial interiors if you want to purchase fine art. Mixed media pieces where artists blend various metals and repurposed objects also work well. A steel sculpture is stunning on an entryway table or installed on the wall.

You can also go the DIY route and create your own fine art. Hang a collection of gears or wire baskets as a gallery wall for an interesting look. Play with steel pipes to make your own wall-mountable sculpture. Or, grab a clock kit from the craft store and use a piece of unfinished, reclaimed wood as the face.

Make sure you use the proper technique to hang your new art. Bungalow suggests using wall anchors for heavier pieces, especially if you can't install them on a wall stud. When hanging an expensive or complicated piece, it's often smart to call in the pros.

Using soft accents to lighten the vibe

If your industrial decor is becoming too cold and sterile, you can use soft accents to lighten it up a bit. Be mindful about what and where you add items to soften your vibe without degrading its industrial style. Reclaimed wood has a big place in this decor style, as per Houzz. Plus, it looks stunning with everything. A raw edge coffee table can provide a warm contrast against a concrete floor. Or, install raw wood shelves to add a touch of nature to a gallery wall with metal details.

It might be surprising, but pastels also have a place in industrial decor. Small accents can play off the cool gray tones. Smoky pinks, faded blues, and soft greens all look gorgeous and add a subtle pop of color. Better Homes and Gardens recommends using pastels in a monochromatic color scheme for a sophisticated look. Textiles can also soften too-harsh decor and make your space more comfortable. A chunky knit throw is perfect on an industrial living room couch. Jute or suede make perfect window treatments throughout your home. Or, add a few throw pillows with a tribal pattern or faux fur material to soften a leather side chair.

Creating kid-friendly industrial spaces

When it comes to industrial decor, kid-friendly is likely not the first thing that comes to mind. However, this style is possible to accommodate little ones of all ages. In fact, industrial-styled kid spaces can be super functional and cute. When styling kids' bedrooms or play spaces, durability and easy cleaning are key. You can opt for a gray, minimalist carpet to stick with the style. However, cork can be the ideal answer if you want hard flooring, as per iCork Floor. The raw look is perfect for an industrial vibe, but it's also quiet, durable, and simple to keep clean.

Keeping a clean and open space can be tough with toys around. Look for ways to add hidden storage to maintain your industrial look. Storage benches, under-bed drawers, and metal shelf bins are perfect for storing toys and games. Decorating an industrial-style space with a kid-friendly twist can create a dynamic look. Brit + Co suggests adding a graffiti wall for colorful playfulness while sticking with the industrial aesthetic. Marquee letter initials and a steel magnet board for hanging art give these spaces a personal touch.

Elevating your style with industrial accents

When creating a full industrial style in your space, it's important to pay attention to detail. There are a few opportunities to further add to your style and elevate your vibe. Lighting is a functional aspect of your interior design. However, it's a chance to add a ton of style to all heights of your home. An industrial ceiling fan with lights can draw the eye upward, add ambiance, and become a statement piece. Scatter vintage lamps in rooms for decorative and alternative light sources. And according to Nostalgic Bulbs, when it makes sense, use LED Edison bulbs in your light fixtures to add to your vibe.

Curated Interior notes that items like distressed leather and castored tables are essential to industrial decor. Fortunately, these items can be simple to add to your space. Purchase a set of antique-look metal castors designed to retrofit your coffee table. Distressed leather can be added as pillows, a side chair, or even an accent rug. You can also go faux for a more cost-saving approach.

Exploring the industrial decor shopping scene

When stocking your industrial space, you'll find that there are a ton of shopping options. Thanks to the style's popularity, all sorts of retailers are hopping on board. This allows you to find awesome values and unique items for your home. The typical big-box stores like Target and IKEA have impressive industrial-style inventories. Even hardware stores like Home Depot and Lowe's feature on-trend decor items. These places are great for finding staple pieces as well as accents at a great deal.

The internet is also an awesome way to find items that fit your style. Online home decor retailers often allow you to sort decor by style. Wayfair even features a shoppable industrial-themed inspiration board for sourcing ideas and conveniently purchasing items. When looking for vintage accent pieces, antique stores can give you some unique finds. Think outside the box when deciding how to use these treasures in your decor. If there isn't an antique shop in your area, take it to the web. Home Stratosphere recommends checking out the top stores on the internet for antique hunting from home.