Ramadan Decor Ideas That Will Elevate Your Space In 2023

Ramadan isn't too far away now, which means it's time to prepare your home with celebratory décor. According to Muslim Aid, Ramadan for 2023 is expected to start on March 22 after the moon is spotted shining over Mecca. It will last for 30 days, prompting the final celebration of Eid al-Fitr on April 22 or 23. During this time, those who participate in the observance are expected to fast every day from sunrise to sunset as a way to create equality between the fortunate and the less fortunate as they ask for forgiveness. 

According to Studio Arabiya Institute, those who decorate their home for Ramadan are able to create a cheerful ambiance, which was especially popular during the COVID-19 pandemic when mosques were closed. In order for you to tap into and maintain a sense of joyfulness during the upcoming month-long celebration, we've gathered 15 décor ideas to give your home an added touch of style.

1. String lights

Just as with many other holidays, decorative lights are a fantastic way of decorating your home during Ramadan. You can wrap them around your staircase and fireplace, or string them along a bare wall. One popular option is using lights depicting the crescent moon and star that symbolizes the Islamic faith, such as those shown above from Days of Eid.

2. Lantern

Decorative lanterns, referred to as fanoos, can also be used to light up your home, per Little Passports. They come in many different types of finishes, such as metal and colored glass, and some parents choose to gift one to each of their children.

3. Candles

One more beautiful way to decorate your home with light for Ramadan is to place a few candles throughout your space. Floral scents, such as lavender, rose, and peony can help create a cheerful mood.

4. Wreath

Offer a warm welcome to family and friends by hanging a decorative wreath during the month of Ramadan, such as this one from Etsy. A variety of different options are available, each made up of different kinds of flowers and materials. You can either choose something that stands out or one that blends in for a complementary addition to your home décor. 

5. Decorative Ramadan calendar

A decorative Ramadan calendar is not only a beautiful addition to your home but a functional tool to keep track of how many days are left in the holy month. We especially enjoy the carved wood style of this calendar from Etsy.

6. Special tableware

When it comes time to share a meal with your family, we suggest incorporating decorative tableware to make the occasion feel special. There are different patterns, colors, and shapes available to satisfy whichever design you're hoping to create. Shown above from Pottery Barn, these contemporary gold and white dishes contain patterns inspired by traditional designs from Morocco.

7. Serving tray

Serving trays are commonly used during celebrations and can be utilized to attract attention to the special types of food and dessert that are associated with Ramadan. For example, dates are often the food of choice for breaking a fast, explains Dateland Date Gardens.

8. Napkin rings

Yet another way to spruce up your dining table during the holy month is by using holiday-specific napkin rings. We especially adore the minimalistic feel of this crescent moon and star design from Tea and Linen.

9. Table runner

In order to allow your tableware and décor to truly shine, we suggest using a table runner to create a beautiful backdrop. For example, this Nava table runner with an unobtrusive black and white pattern is a neutral option from CB2 that elegantly introduces both texture and interest. 

10. Crescent tree

As mentioned before, both crescents and stars are used as symbols of Islam. Therefore, some families choose to incorporate a crescent-shaped tree into their home décor to create a festive mood. Some are as tall as 5 feet, such as this one from Etsy that comes with LED lights included.

11. Outdoor inflatable

To invite the whole neighborhood into your celebration, showcase the month of Ramadan by placing a decorative inflatable on your front lawn. There are several options available, such as fanoos, mosques, and crescent moons from New Traditions Store.

12. Balloons

Balloons have always been a surefire way of adding a sense of cheeriness into the home on festive occasions. You can either go all out and use balloons to spell out the name of the holiday, or choose basic balloons that incorporate the colors of Ramadan, such as purple, dark violet, yellow, green, and turquoise. 

13. Throw pillows

Switch up your usual throw pillows with something more representative of the holiday. There are many traditional patterns available, such as this Karam white and blue pillow cover from Pottery Barn.

14. Throw blanket

Once you've placed your celebratory throw pillows you can pair them with a blanket. Something absent of pattern will work best to complement the other existing designs in the space. This Levelin throw blanket from Eleish Van Breems Home can be used to introduce a beautiful Ramadan color and create a cozy ambiance.

15. Mosque décor

Decorative depictions of mosques can be used to playfully fill in empty spaces on a console table in the entryway or on top of a fireplace mantle. For example, this acrylic mosque set from Etsy comes with wooden stands and can be used to create a fun arrangement.