The Worst Paint Colors For A Baby's Nursery

When deciding what color to paint your baby's nursery, the options may seem overwhelming, as there are countless choices that could work. If you want to go for a classic look, pink or blue are typically the most common colors. However, in an effort to make children's spaces more gender-neutral, many have started using yellow, which is extra cheerful, and green, as it reminds the viewer of nature. Purple is also a great choice, especially lighter shades of lavender or lilac. Those who love neutrals could choose a warm white or cream tone, which would make a great backdrop for colorful toys or decorations. Brown is another neutral shade that could add warmth and earthiness, though you'll want to choose the undertone wisely, as some options may make the space appear dirty or dark. 

However, while these are all great choices, there are two colors you should avoid. This is because these tones can have negative connotations and could make it more difficult for both you and your baby to relax.

Attention-seeking red

The first color most people avoid painting their nursery is red. Red is a stimulating color that could make the onlooker feel more awake and energetic, and it's not soothing like other choices, such as pastels or neutrals. Because of this, while it could work for a space that requires more energy, like a gym, it's not ideal for a child's room. This tone may cause your baby to have trouble falling asleep and make you feel more on edge when you want to relax. Further, red is a bold and bright color that will make more of a statement than you probably desire.

Romper also includes orange in this energetic category, though there are orange shades you could potentially get away with, such as those in lighter tones. If you really love red or orange, they recommend using it as an accent in a neutral space or including a wallpaper pattern with a sprinkle of these colors.

Gloomy gray

While debatable and perhaps not as bad as red, many are steering clear of gray paint in the nursery as well. Gray can have sad or lonely connotations, as it's usually connected to overcast skies, which isn't ideal for a nursery. Further, Paint Color Project adds that gray is becoming more and more outdated. Many are leaning towards warmer shades, and because gray is a cool-toned color, it's less in style.

However, some exceptions could make a gray nursery feel more light and fun. Adding colorful decorations around the room could make the wall color work, and some shades may be acceptable, such as those in light tones or those with colorful undertones like blue. However, we would recommend staying away from painting all the walls in the nursery a dark gray, as this could close in the space and make it feel gloomy. To choose the right shade, paint small sections of the wall to see how the natural light plays with each hue.