How To Master The Geometric Wall Paint Trend

There are a number of ways to create a focal point in a room. For some spaces, the architecture does it on its own, as windows or a fireplace will naturally draw the eye. A bold piece of furniture, light fixture, rug, or artwork could also work as the statement piece. However, one of the most common ways to add a focal point is with an accent wall, which is typically created with wall paint.

While you could simply paint one of the walls a bold color while leaving the rest of them neutral, if you want to add more interest, you could also include a geometric pattern. A couple of years ago, this hack was popular on TikTok; For example, a video by gracious_109 gained over 300,000 likes. However, this trend has been around for many years, has been used by countless DIYers, and will always be popular among those who love crisp lines and a modern look.

How to master the trend

To paint your wall with geometric shapes, you'll need to gather your supplies, which include spackle, sandpaper, drop cloths, paintbrushes, painter's tape, and, of course, paint. If you want the job to go by faster, or if you're covering a large area, you could also use a paint roller. Before you start painting, make sure the wall is completely flat and absent of holes, and if there are any, fill them in and sand them down. Also make sure to clean the wall and cover your floor or any surfaces with drop cloths. Painter's tape can be applied to the baseboards and the ceiling.

Next, paint the wall the base color, or the shade you want underneath the tape lines. Once this coat has dried, you can apply the tape in any geometric pattern you desire. To make sure the lines are crisp, paint over the edges of the tape with your base color, which will prevent bleeding underneath. Then, you'll paint inside each of the shapes. To make sure you don't go outside the lines, outline each shape with a brush and fill in the center with a roller. Wagner's Spray Tech says to remove the tape before the paint has completely dried, as this will give you the cleanest lines.

The appeal of the trend

What's so appealing about this geometric paint wall trend is that it's super simple to execute, as all you need is your regular painting tools. It can also provide a variety of unique looks, as the tape could be arranged in countless ways and any number of colors could be used. While commonly applied to the wall behind a television in a living space or the bed in a bedroom, this look could be added to any area of the home. 

A geometric wall also makes a massive difference in the appearance of a space, as it'll draw more attention than a solid wall would. Because the tape will provide clean, straight lines, this trend can make a room feel much more modern. It may be extra beneficial on walls with awkward shapes, such as those with a slanted ceiling, as it will draw away from the asymmetrical appearance. Many also love using this trend because peeling off the tape can be so satisfying, especially if you make sure your lines are extra sharp.