3 Of The Best-Selling Dining Chair Sets At Walmart

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Your dining room may be your favorite place to chow down on a home-cooked meal, but it can also be a stressful space to design. Minus the table and chairs, you have to find a variety of complementary décors, such as an area rug, lighting fixtures, window treatments, and much more. It can feel like complete and utter chaos, especially as you're strolling down a store aisle trying to mix and match products. However, before searching for beautiful accent pieces, you've got to start with a strong base. If you've already found the perfect dining table, now it's time to find a chair set that does it justice.

Unfortunately, the price of chairs can add up quickly, especially when shopping at a trendy retailer. So, we've identified three best-selling products at a store known for affordability — Walmart. If you're worried about purchasing home products from this retailer, don't be. According to New York Gal, although their furniture is often inexpensive, you're bound to find some durable options as long as you research customer reviews, which we have done for you. So sit back and relax as we reveal everything you need to know about Walmart's most popular and stylish dining chairs.

A simple and neutral option

First on the list is the Better Homes and Gardens Bankston Dining Chair Set. It's priced at $99 for a set of two and has a 4.6-star rating based on 1,317 reviews. These traditional wooden chairs come in three colors: mocha, honey, and white. We believe the neutral, versatile design should be easy to style around and that it would be best suited in a space with rustic farmhouse decor. However, if you'd like to spice them up, consider the inexpensive option of adding tasteful seat cushions to introduce a bit of color or pattern.

However, not only are these chairs appreciated for their simplicity, but many customers also raved over their sturdiness. "Quality of chairs are very good," Rolly1 said. "The legs are bolted down. The back is screwed down. The chairs are heavy and should last, because they [are] not glued together." Since this set is made of wood, they should last quite a while as long as you properly maintain them. Vintage Millworks says most wood furniture shouldn't show noticeable signs of cracks or age for at least 10 years, meaning this product should offer a stellar bang for your buck.

A touch of color and interest

The Better Homes & Gardens Maddox Crossing Dining Chairs cost $123 for a set of two and are currently on sale for under $99. Out of 764 reviews, this product currently has a 4.7-star rating. These chairs offer a rustic vibe that's perfect for farmhouse-style homes, but add a touch of visual interest via their crossed back and two-toned design. Thus, they may make an excellent option for those who need to add a touch of color to their dining room that's not too overwhelming. However, homeowners seeking a monochromatic chair set may appreciate the solid black, brown, and white styles they come in.

Reviewers were happy with how simple the chair's assembly instructions were. "Very easy to put together, and they look great," Marion noted. "Instructions were straightforward, and I am happy with the results." Many other reviewers complimented the product's sturdiness, comfort, overall design, and dimensions, which some claimed were a great fit given the size of their dining rooms.

A versatile and elegant set

The bestselling Roundhill Furniture Habit Dining Chair costs $182 for a set of two. Currently, it has a 4.4-star rating out of 334 reviews and stands out for its hardwood frame and comfortable design. This set comes in a number of colors, including eye-catching options like purple and yellow that are perfect for standing out in a toned-down dining room. On the other hand, the more neutral color offerings, such as grey, charcoal, and tan, would be right at home in a contemporary space. 

Many reviewers seem to agree. "Beautiful chairs, and nice and sturdy," Diana said. "My husband was impressed with quality and price." Other reviewers seemed to be happy with various other aspects of this product, including its versatile appeal and comfortable fabric. "[I] especially like the fabric's texture," Yas said. "You'd think the tufting would only lend itself to formal, but our dining room is casual, and they fit perfectly."