How To Steal The Style Of Egypt Sherrod's Actual Home

Many of us are guilty of gawking over celebrity homes as we conduct our daily scroll through social media. However, it can be rather disheartening when we come across designs we love that seem impossible to recreate in our own residences. Factors such as cost, the size of the project, and the skills needed to seamlessly accomplish the look come into play when we contemplate which design trends are worth it and which will cause us more pain than joy. To help us out, Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson, hosts of HGTV's "Married to Real Estate," have provided a tour of her home, detailing exactly how they styled it (via YouTube).

Sherrod also shares the reasons behind her design choices, the struggles of finding the right colors, and the different types of décor she uses to elevate the overall style of her home. As the CEO of an award-winning real estate company, this designer is an expert on turning a residence into a desirable property, so naturally, her home is one to take note of.

Window treatments and color schemes

Window treatments are a major interior design component that can transform and elevate any residence when done correctly. Put simply, some flabby drapery or a roller shade won't cut it. Instead, you need something that will make your home feel secure and welcoming, such as the beautiful white drapery in Egypt Sherrod's living room. "I don't think a room is completely finished unless it has window coverings on it," she told HGTV. "For me, I love long, luxurious, thick, elegant drapery. So, I put them everywhere that I possibly can." Her drapery choices look especially stunning due to the nearly 30-foot grid pattern ceiling and tall windows.

The surrounding décor and features within the space are slathered with gorgeous neutral colors, such as the limewashed stone fireplace, white sofas, and a cool bluish-gray tufted ottoman. Sherrod jokingly revealed that she chose a simple color scheme to avoid growing tiresome of other highly pigmented hues. "That's the problem with designers, right?" she quipped. "We infinitely change our minds, which is also why most of our houses [showcase] white and natural colors because I'm afraid if I commit too much to color, I'll get bored quickly."

An accent wall done right the fourth time

Accent walls are still considered an impactful way to brighten up spaces and give them new life. During Sherrod's home tour with HGTV, she turned the camera to her husband Mike Jackson to ask him about the light blue board and batten accent wall in the den. "This wall has been done four times already," he said. "[It] has been several different colors, 'cause you can't make up your mind." Sherrod laughed and explained how she finally landed on blue. "I like this blue a lot. The green overtook me, and the black started to feel too dark," she said.

In this space, the pale blue hue adds a nice touch of color and subdued contrast as it settles in the background of the white cushiony sofa. However, it's the dimension created by the grid pattern that truly makes the wall interesting. Additional contrast was introduced with a black nesting coffee table, and Sherrod also hung family photos in complementary wood frames to create a homey ambiance.