13 Simple Ways To Refresh Your Home For Spring

Spring is a time of refresh and renewal not just for nature, which transforms a little more with each passing day, but also for your home. Whatever climate you live in, warmer weather means more time outside and an increased desire to bring the outdoors in by airing out our spaces, trying out new design looks, and preparing for those long days of summer ahead. 

Spring cleaning and rearranging are great tasks for welcoming the season, but there are some other key ways to prepare your home as well. And while spring is not quite as celebrated or specific in its décor conventions as seasons like autumn and the holidays, there is still much you can do herald this time of promise and lengthening light. This includes changing your window treatments, swapping out your bedding, and giving your décor a refresh. To that end, we've rounded up quick, easy, and affordable ways to make your home warm weather-friendly.

1. Buds and branches

Adding fresh flowers and greenery is ideal anytime of the year, but it's particularly nice as the seasons change outside. Instead of traditional bouquets, consider decking out springtime vessels with buds and branch clippings, real or faux. Great options include cotton tree and cherry blossom limbs, magnolia branches, and eucalyptus clippings.

2. Welcome mats

With the dirty detritus of winter behind us, spring provides a perfect opportunity to switch out door mats, including thicker, cold weather-friendly rugs for woven and lighter variations.

3. Accent pillows

Throw pillows can go a long way toward unifying various colors and materials in a space and creating a cozy vibe in colder weather. They are also fitting, however, for any time of year. For spring and summer, choose lighter and fresher colors like neutrals, and woven textures for your sofa, chairs, and bed. 

4. Wallpaper inspiration

By the end of winter, walls — particular white ones — can seem ho-hum and in need of a dose of inspiration. Wallpaper, which comes in all sorts of beautiful peel-and-stick varieties, can be a quick way to add both interest and a focal point. Try out some delightful florals, stripes, or retro mod geometric patterns. 

5. Bookshelf switcheroo

While flipping the spines around on your bookshelf may strike fear into any book-lover's heart, it's a great option for changing up the look of your shelves (provided you can still find what you're looking for). The more neutral palette not only feels lighter in the room, but also forms a great backdrop for displaying other items. 

6. Bed refresh

With the change in sleeping weather, spring is a great time to swap out your bedding, including sheets, blankets, and duvet covers for lighter, airier options. Winter's flannel sheets and heavy quilt can be easily switched out for cooler, breezier linen and a lightweight coverlet. 

7. Fireplace redo

Fireplaces, real or faux, are a focal point in any room and a cozy spot for cooler weather. Once spring arrives, they can still be great décor elements even when not in use. If your hearth is real, consider adding a decorative screen or artwork. Faux mantles are great for housing candles, flowers, and even books. 

8. Window coverings

While colder climes call for heavier drapes for keeping in the heat, spring allows lighter and more romantic window covering options. Trade heavier draperies for lace curtains, roman shades, and bamboo screens. If you need privacy, try installing decorative stained glass window films or wooden shutters on the bottom to let in the light at the top. 

9. Throw blankets

Like pillows, throw blankets are one of the easiest elements to adapt to the seasons. While flannel, knit, and fur throws are great for winter, bring out the linen and looser, crocheted cotton blankets for warmer weather. 

10. Add artwork

A great way to make any room look different is to swap out your artwork each season. This not only allows variation, but also allows you to maintain a larger collection of favorites with only select pieces on display at any given time. 

11. Window workspace

While winter likely has you seeking out the coziest spot in your house or home office to work, you may want to move your desk closer to the windows in warm weather. Not only can you gain peace and productivity in proximity to the lengthening sunlight and fresh air, but the window spot can also be creatively inspiring. 

12. Shower curtain

A quick refresh for your bathroom is adding a new shower curtain. This can be a new, crisp curtain in your favorite style or a complete change-up of your bathroom décor to match new towels and accessories.

13. Lampshades and lighting

You can make a huge impact by simply switching out old, yellowed, or simply boring lightshades for new ones. For a warmer glow, consider creamy or bamboo shades. For a more dramatic change, swap a neutral shade out for a pop of color. Or, change out the type of lighting you are using, incorporating soft twinkle lights and lanterns.