The Benefits Of A Feature Ceiling, According To Fixer To Fabulous Stars Dave And Jenny Marrs

There are countless ways to dress up a ceiling. You can paint it a bold color, use patterned wallpaper, create a coffered design, add shiplap or wooden panels, feature exposed wooden beams, or raise the ceiling to make it vaulted. Dave and Jenny Marrs of HGTV's "Fixer to Fabulous" have executed quite a few of these options to perfection. 

One of the benefits of adding these elements is that it adds personality to a space, making it more unique and inviting. When writing about one of their renovations, Jenny says, "[The ceiling] detail plus the new flooring gave the bedroom an updated look with a little added character," per Dave and Jenny Marrs. This is usually the result — a significant makeover that stands out. Because they've redone the ceiling in so many of the homes they've renovated, they've gotten quite familiar with what works. Besides adding character, they know that adding a feature to the ceiling also comes with two other benefits. 

Feature ceilings can create cohesion

The first benefit is that it can create cohesion in an open floor plan. To do this, you'll need to carry a color, material, or another element into other areas of the home. For example, when renovating a barndominium, Dave and Jenny Marrs decided to add the wood from one space onto the ceiling of another. Jenny says, "I want to carry the salvaged barn wood that we're going to put on the walls of the living room and put it on the ceiling of the kitchen to make the space extra warm," per Realtor. The result? The rooms feel connected, and the home attains a cohesive elegance. 

For another project, after adding muted pink built-in shelves in the living room, the pair decided to add a matching wallpaper above the dining room table. When describing the project, Jenny explains, "The wallpaper looks so pretty here, and it matches the color we chose for the built-ins to bring cohesion to the open concept space," per Dave and Jenny Marrs.

Feature ceilings alter the atmosphere

Another benefit of including a ceiling feature is that it alters a room's atmosphere by making it feel more snug or spacious. For instance, when undertaking the barndominium project, Jenny Marrs says that the salvaged barn wood is "just warm and cozy," per Realtor. Because the ceiling is warm-toned and bold, it makes the space feel smaller. The same could be said about adding wallpaper, like in the second example above, as the pattern may make the fifth wall feel closer.

However, there are also plenty of ways to make a room feel larger by integrating an eye-catching design. For instance, to match the rest of a Mediterranean home, Dave and Jenny decided to vault the ceiling, per Realtor. To provide another example, Dave and Jenny Marrs renovated an outdated popcorn ceiling with a modern trim, which made the upper boundary of the room appear further away. "To help create an elegant main bedroom, we removed the old popcorn ceiling and added trim to give the illusion of a coffered design, a look that adds depth and dimension to this space," Jenny explains.