Designer Nate Berkus Makes A Strong Case For Keeping Your Home Organized

No matter how beautiful the design of your home is, it will always be masked by chaos if there is no organization. Whether your residence has a modern, rustic, or contemporary aesthetic, tidiness is key to allowing the style of your décor to shine. Organization is also an important factor in maintaining a clear mind and a functional home. How many times have you left for work late in the morning because you couldn't find your keys or bag? This is a stressful and completely avoidable situation, and renowned Interior Designer Nate Berkus agrees.

Berkus has been running his award-winning interior design firm for over 25 years. He also owns several décor collections, has previously hosted "The Nate Berkus Show," and has been featured in several other design series (via Nate Berkus). Now, he has revealed his expert opinion on the importance of keeping your home organized and the necessary steps to take to get your feet off the ground.

Utilize storage containers

Nate Berkus is a firm believer that a tidy home is a happy home. "'For me, the organization is the foundation of a life well lived," he told Homes & Gardens. "Being able to reach for something, whether it's wrapping paper or ribbon or a pot or pan – knowing where to find that is an aspect of housekeeping that allows me to fill the space in a way that is meaningful to me." So, how does Berkus organize his own home? He uses the storage containers from his mDesign collection. It includes a clear, two-tier organizer that can be used in the kitchen, as well as a slotted wood organizer.

"My children's drawers have all of my mDesign bins inside because I don't want my son, who gets himself dressed, to have to dig through a messy drawer to find what he wants," he explains. Furthermore, using bins to organize homes has become an increasingly popular choice amongst consumers who've incorporated them into their entryway, living room, and bedroom closet. Although woven baskets are typically the top pick, Berkus' wood and clear options would work well in a modern or contemporary setting.

A precious organization tool

However, when it comes to organization, Nate Berkus' favorite tool is his label maker. "It's not a functioning pantry unless it's labeled," he wrote on Instagram. "My favorite gadget, hands down." In the background of the photo, you'll notice glass jars that hold his spices and grains labeled with a simple font to help the designer quickly rummage through his items. Most recently, he posted a playful photo of his daughter testing out the device (via Instagram). "FBF (Flashback Friday) to Poppy with a label maker," he wrote. "I like to start them young."

However, not only does he use the label maker at home, but it has also become a useful tool at the office. In a video he shared on Instagram, he revealed an organized design library where every fabric was stored in a labeled bin. In need of some pink velvet? You'll have no problem finding something so specific in his office. This is also a useful tool for home offices or art studios that need a designated and organized location for various tools and paperwork.