3 Of The Best-Selling Table Lamps On Wayfair

Table lamps are often a practical solution for adding dynamic, low-profile, yet highly functional illumination to any space. They come in all varieties, from traditional simple shaded lamps to gorgeous rounded pottery pieces, from metal utilitarian desk lamps to highly sculptural accent lamps that are a work of art themselves. Online retailer Wayfair has a reputation for having some of the prettiest and one of the widest selections available, checking all the above boxes and more. 

While your needs for the ideal table lamp depend on a variety of factors, including size, scale, voltage, and placement, Wayfair has a number of diverse options that fit all popular design styles, often matching or complementing their other furniture pieces. Whether you are looking for a matching set of nightstand lamps, the perfect lamp for your workspace, or a beautiful piece of illuminating art, we've rounded up a few of our favorites among the bestselling table lamps available from Wayfair, all of which fit graciously in a number of rooms and aesthetics. 

Haitral Metal Table Lamp

The Haitral Metal Table Lamp ($39) is a good fit for a wide variety of glam and romantic décor styles. With a shiny silver finish and gridwork hung with small glass beads, this cylinder drum lamp brings the feel of a grand crystal chandelier in a much smaller package. The lamp stands 12.2 inches high with a silver finish over a steel frame, making it sturdy and durable. The looseness of the beads gives the lamp a sense of movement, and it also comes with extra crystal beads if they shake loose from their hangings.

The Haitral lamp works particularly well for rustic glam and boho style rooms, offering shimmering beadwork which creates a slightly Moroccan lantern vibe and casts intricate designs on the wall, which can be customized by using a colored bulb inside instead of a clear one. According to reviews, this small lamp works very well for a bedside, vanity, or end table. 

Fidel Solid Wood Tripod Table Lamp

The Fidel Solid Wood Tripod Table Lamp ($67 for a set of 2) is a more casual lamp that's optimal for nightstands, end tables, and console tables. Made of engineered wood with a simple linen shade, this low tripod lamp is compact in height, standing at only 14.2 inches. This size makes it outstanding for areas without a lot of clearance or high-traffic spots where taller, more leggy lamps may get jostled or knocked over. Created by Mistana and available in a set, the lamp embodies their signature Pacific-coast-inspired boho vibe.

The Fidel Table Lamp fits into a number of design schemes, including mid-century modern, which fits with its light brown wood tones and simple lines, as well as more contemporary rooms that will match its sculptural, unique look. With its sturdiness and low height, it also makes a good lamp for children's rooms or nursery spaces.

17 Stories Metal USB Desk Lamp

The 17 Stories Metal USB Desk Lamp ($43) is a light that is ideal for desks as well as other spots in the home that need a dose of industrial charm. While marketed toward workspaces, Wayfair recommends this multi-functional lamp as a brilliant option for other spaces, including nightstands, consoles, kitchen counters, and end tables. The black metal frame sports an easy rocker switch for power, as well as a USB port for charging phones and other devices, which works whether the lamp is on or off. At only 15.4 inches, this also makes a fitting lamp for shelves and other compact areas.

The style of this rustic piece complements industrial and modern farmhouse décor, giving a streamlined look with a vintage feel, particularly when combined with an Edison-style bulb. The gridwork metal shade can add interesting shadows and patterns to the walls around it, making it perfect for any space with subdued and soft lighting needs.