How To Recreate TikTok's Trendy Foam Mirror

Mirrors are a simple yet stylish way to decorate a space. When placed in the right spot or corner, they can open up a room and make it seem brighter and more elegant. Decorating with mirrors can look like covering up a whole wall, adding one to a photo gallery, or accessorizing a hallway. Mirrors can also be statements in themselves, from their shape to their design, and decorating them at home can be a fun DIY project. The foam mirror trend that took TikTok by storm is an example.

This simple craft project involves applying spray foam to a basic mirror with a narrow frame or with no frame at all in order to elevate its look. Originally done by Anna Louise Kragelund, a Danish designer who sells them (via The Guardian), influencers made it mainstream with the tutorials and mirror selfies, making everyone on the internet want to try it for themselves. Here's how you can recreate the trendy TikTok foam mirror.


What do you need for this project? First, you need a mirror with a simple frame. It can be an old one lying around the house, or you can get a new one for this purpose. Next, you need a few cans of expanding polyurethane (PU) foam, which can be found at hardware stores. You can also get paint and a paintbrush if you want to add color. Lastly, get goggles or a mask and gloves to protect your eyes and hands as you spray.

When you're ready, take the mirror outside, where it's well-ventilated, and shake the can for 15 seconds. User @samishome recommends testing it on a different surface to make sure it looks the way you want it to. She then places the mirror on a flattened cardboard box on the floor, attaches the nozzle to the bottle, and starts spraying. Apply the foam in small side-to-side waves and make a thick layer all around the mirror frame. Finally, leave it to dry for a few hours and clean your mirror so it looks as good as new.

Spice it up

After the foam has dried, there are various ways to personalize it. You can add some color to it by using the brush to apply the paint evenly to the foam. You can mix the colors or create fun patterns. Try matching the colors and patterns to your existing décor so that it fits well with what you already have in the room.

Another unique option is to add artificial flowers or twigs right before the foam dries, like in this TikTok by user @aggynuguid. Foil is another material that you can stick on the foam in small pieces to create a metallic look. How about bringing in string lights? Taping them to the back of the mirror causes a soft glow to come from behind, adding a nice touch. You can even create a mirror wall by placing a few foam mirrors together. Mix and match the sizes and shapes to make it more visually interesting.