HGTV's Egypt Sherrod Has A Smart Tip For Brightening A Badly-Lit Kitchen

There are quite a few important elements that every good kitchen must have, including a good amount of storage, ample countertop space, and quality appliances. However, there's also another feature some may forget about, and it's this: Enough lighting. Both artificial and natural lighting are crucial for creating a welcoming space and making the room functional.

However, some kitchens just aren't built with lighting in mind, and while you could always add another overhead light fixture or a window, these things can get pricey. Instead, HGTV star Egypt Sherrod of "Married to Real Estate" has a design hack for adding brightness to a dimly-lit kitchen — and it has nothing to do with adding extra light. This tip is ideal for those who share Sherrod's unique style, which she says was heavily influenced by her grandmother, who "would take [her] out on the weekends consignment shopping," per HGTV. Therefore, those who adore antique looks or thrift finds may appreciate her smart kitchen hack, which will also help you save money, too.

Focus on the backsplash

When renovating a home, Egypt Sherrod discovered that the lack of natural and overhead light was an issue. To remedy the problem, she added a unique element to the backsplash: An antique-looking glass tile. She told the homeowners, "You're going to be losing a window, so I wanted to try something in your kitchen to bring in tons of natural light. If I put something reflective on your backsplash, I feel like it will cascade light all the way through the living room," per While this provided a unique look that not everyone may enjoy, it did make the room appear brighter and give it more character.

To save some money, Sherrod decided to create a faux-aged look herself with spray paint. She said, "Because if we do this ourselves, this is $25. If we purchase it already antiqued, that's $500 to $600." In fact, no matter what backsplash you choose, Sherrod recommends installing it yourself. When listing off which things you should DIY and which you should not, she says, "Go ahead and rent a wet saw and have fun tiling a new kitchen backsplash," per Black Enterprise.

Alternatives to the antique look

Perhaps you're not a fan of the aged look Egypt Sherrod added to the glass backsplash tiles. If so, there are a few alternatives you could try that will still make your kitchen appear much brighter. For instance, instead of spray painting the tiles, keep them solid glass for a modern appearance. Also, keep in mind that this element doesn't need to cover the entire backsplash, as Sherrod isolated the antique tiles only above the stove.

In another renovation with a small kitchen, Sherrod chose square tiles with a glossy sheen, per While the small, delicate tiles work great in the cramped space, the glossy appearance also helps to reflect more natural light and make the room feel larger. To really make this element stand out, replace your upper cabinets with open shelving and install the tiles all the way up to the ceiling, which will bounce light around the whole room.