15 Pretty And Practical Desk Lamps To Complete Your Space In Style

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A home office doesn't need to be a sterile place to complete daily tasks, it can also be your sanctuary. Because people can spend many hours in this room — especially if they're remote workers — it's important to design a space that feels comfortable and promotes focus. You can accomplish this by introducing a cozy area rug, light and airy drapery, or sophisticated and modern furniture. However, lighting may be one of the most important elements, and there are many different types to consider. 

For instance, there's ambient lighting and accent lighting, decorative lighting, and task lighting. A desk lamp would be considered task lighting because it illuminates the area for working or studying. Since there are so many different styles to choose from, we've found 15 options that will vamp up the design of your workspace, and break down which products look best with which type of aesthetic.

1. Updated vintage

This desk lamp from Anthropologie for $298 will work wonders in a space with vintage accents. It's sure to complement other brass décor elements, and the wavy, textured glass we've seen on other popular furnishings will create an updated feel that corresponds with recent trends.

2. Mushroom-shaped

Mushroom-shaped desk lamps have been a popular trend over the last year, and we believe this white option from Lampech for about $200 would look beautiful in a modern space.

3. Perfect for a contemporary space

If you're in need of something more contemporary, we suggest taking a look at the Lillian Metal Table Lamp from Wayfair for $400. The round base that mimics stone will complement the other organic shapes and finishes in your home.

4. Bohemian vibe

To best complement the Bohemian aesthetic, we suggest using a desk lamp that incorporates natural materials, such as this one from Target, priced at $55, which features a rattan shade. It's also a useful option for those who would like to create more interest by introducing different textures.

5. Complementary to a variety of aesthetics

We can picture this desk lamp from Vakker Lighting in a variety of design aesthetics, such as Scandinavian and minimalist. Additionally, the touches of brass accompanied by a pleated shade could be used to elevate the features of a farmhouse-styled home. It's currently priced at $175.

6. Simply traditional

This black desk lamp from Antique Farm House is currently priced at $92 and is a simple yet beautifully traditional design that would work in a rustic or farmhouse setting. It's also a great option for a space in need of some contrast.

7. Floating orb

The Lune Table Lamp from Wayfair is about $426 and is another stunning contemporary option with minimal yet effective features that can hold its own without distracting from other interesting décor in the space.

8. Abstract swirl

This swirly and abstract lamp from Walmart is an interesting and fun choice for a modern or eclectically designed space. It's currently priced at about $40.

9. A pop of color

A light fixture can be utilized to introduce a pop of color when too many neutrals are present. The Pixi Ochre Metal Swivel Table Lamp from Crate and Barrel is $129 and has three colorful options; yellow, pink, and green.

10. A floral touch

Those of you who love floral décor will appreciate the desk lamp shown here from Wayfair, currently priced at about $107. We especially appreciate the frilly texture of the floral lampshade and the round light bulb that looks like a glowing stigma.

11. Cinderella's mice

These golden mice desk lamps from Etsy are not only adorable but quite functional. If you need more light in a certain area, they can easily be moved around to accommodate different needs. The price starts at about $27.

12. Midcentury design

Homeowners with midcentury décor can easily introduce the Linear Wood Table Lamp from West Elm into a working space. It's simple but the linear shape, wood texture, and black base are sure to complement and contrast the surrounding furniture. It's currently priced at $179.

13. Multifunctional

Who doesn't enjoy devices with multiple uses? The Trimble Charge LED Task Lamp from Pottery Barn will provide you with ample light while also charging your phone. We appreciate that the charging feature is cordless, which can help prevent tangling, and the price is currently $209.

14. An elegant accent piece

The Archibald Brass Bird Table Lamp from CB2 is $479 and is a beautifully unique and elegant option to elevate your desk and complement nearby golden décor.

15. Different shapes

The Kelly Wearstler desk lamp from Lighting New York is a visually appealing and interesting design due to the various shapes they've incorporated — square and spherical base and triangular lampshade. The price is currently $819.