30 Innovative Ways To Bring Wall Art Into Your Kitchen

Because kitchen walls are often covered in either cabinets or open shelving, they typically present few opportunities for displaying art. However, even if you have zero wall space, there are still plenty of ways to get creative. When you think about the term wall art, canvases or framed prints probably come to mind first — but there are so many other items that could also be used as adornments. For instance, in any room of the home, things like signs, textured tapestries, and other hanging decorations could fit into this category. In the kitchen specifically, cutting boards and dishes can also be used as decorative pieces. 

Some of the following ideas for how to display artwork in the kitchen will require a bit of work and planning, while others are as simple as placing your piece in a certain area. Further, some are purely decorative, while others can also make cooking, eating, or hosting guests easier. 

1. Use a large piece

If you're trying to fill a large wall, one option is to cover it with a huge piece. To add liveliness and color to an all-white design, choose a bold image like the one above. 

2. Pair two pieces together

On the other hand, those that want to fill a smaller wall could place two pieces on top of one another. 

3. Display inside a glass cupboard

Those who have glass cupboards could include wall art inside them. These could either be framed pieces or useful items such as cutting boards. 

4. Hang from hooks

Another way to display your cutting boards is by hanging them from hooks, which could be placed above your stove or along any wall in the kitchen. 

5. Keep a cookbook open

If you often consult your trusty cookbooks while whipping up dinner, consider leaving one open and on a stand all the time, which will add both a useful and decorative element to your space. 

6. Lean against the backsplash

Whether it be something like a cutting board or cookbook or just a piece of art, leaning these items up against the backsplash is one of the easiest ways to display them. 

7. Create a gallery wall

If you have many images and decorations to display, you can create a gallery wall, which contains lots of textures and fun elements. 

8. Utilize cutting boards

If you want to create an earthy look in your space, make a gallery wall out of solely hanging cutting boards. Another option is to mix your cutting boards with art pieces. 

9. Get creative with a plate gallery wall

A unique way to create a gallery wall is with decorative plates. You'll need to make sure they're firmly secured to the wall with plate hangers or adhesive disks.

10. Purchase a plate rack

If the gallery wall feels a bit too risky for your plate collection, purchase a plate rack, which will still display your pieces while also keeping them safe. 

11. Arrange on top of the fridge

The top of the fridge is often unused space. To fill this empty area, you can add framed artwork, plants, or a knife set. 

12. Decorate the space above cabinets

If your cabinets don't reach the ceiling, you could place items on top of them. However, make sure you clean this area frequently, as it can quickly collect dust. 

13. Add to open shelving

Those who have open shelving in their kitchen could easily place a canvas among their dishes, cutting boards, or other displayed items. 

14. Use to add character

Without the art piece on the far wall, this kitchen would look quite bland and boring. The interesting piece adds character and a splash of color. 

15. Place in an open cabinet

Decorative trays, cutting boards, dishes, and canvases can easily be displayed inside an open cabinet, and layering these pieces will give your kitchen an eclectic feel. 

16. Customize your coffee menu

Those who often entertain could include a coffee menu above their coffee bar, which could be written on a chalkboard or letter board. 

17. Illuminate with a neon sign

If you want to create a groovy feel, hang a neon sign on your wall, which could either display an item you enjoy or a saying that inspires. 

18. Add a textured canvas

To keep the above space monochromatic, the designers added an abstract piece between the shelves that almost blends into the wall, which works to create more texture. 

19. Hide an outlet

If you hate the look of outlets along your backsplash, hide them behind small canvases or cutting boards. 

20. Label with word signs

To give your home a farmhouse feel and to show your guests where things are located, place decorative word signs above things such as the pantry or the coffee bar. 

21. Suspend a woven tapestry

To give your space a bohemian feel and to add texture, choose a woven tapestry. However, it's best to keep this piece away from dirty areas like above the stove or the sink, as it could be hard to clean. 

22. Place in the window

Those with a window in their space could use the ledge as a shelf for an art piece, such as the wooden star in the above image. 

23. Hang a wall clock

Clocks add an industrial feel to kitchens, especially when paired with dark tones such as the black brick walls above. 

24. Make it useful

If the kitchen is the place where your family often gathers, make the space more useful by displaying a to-do list. Other similar options include a calendar or chore chart. 

25. Include texture with a wreath

While popular during the holidays, wreaths don't have to be limited to just the winter time. There are plenty of spring, summer, and fall options that could be attached to cabinets or the range hood.

26. Fill a small wall

Kitchens often have small walls on the corners of cabinets or between rooms in an open floor plan. Fill the empty area with a piece that perfectly fits into the space. 

27. Put on top of hooks

If you'd rather not hang your artwork, you could simply place it on top of hooks and lean it against the wall. 

28. Pair with a lamp

Some decorate with a table lamp in the kitchen, which serves to make the space cozier. Placing one next to your art will draw attention to the piece. 

29. Choose a mirror

Mirrors are an especially great choice in small kitchens or those without many windows, as they'll make the room feel larger and brighter. 

30. Install above the sink

If the space above your sink is empty, consider hanging an art piece that's roughly the same size as your sink.