15 Mushroom Lamps That Will Look Perfect In Any Room

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Ah, the mushroom lamp, a 1970s classic now back on the radar of home decorators. Many households had one back in the day, and they're just as popular now. Taking a look back at the originals, they're often broken down into two categories.

The first originated in Murano, Italy, where glass blowing has been a fine art for centuries. Some of these were shaped like actual mushrooms, and others had a round glass base with an open-topped shade made of matching glass. They came in all the groovy color combinations associated with this type of glass at the time. The second variation, the Panthella, dates to 1971. These lamps with domed shades were designed by a Danish architect named Verner Panton. The Panthella, along with some of his other designs, have inspired countless mushroom table lamp variations recently.

You can hunt down an original mushroom lamp if you enjoy vintage shopping, but no worries if that's not your thing. Both types of mushroom lamps have been revived over the past few years in a bevy of colors and variations, so you can usually find one that fits in with many décor styles available online. 

1. Murano revival

This pretty little lamp is a remake of the Murano version with an open-topped shade originally produced during the early 1970s. They come in a variety of swirled pastel colors and white. While it is Murano style rather than true Italian glass, this is definitely a get-the-look-for-less opportunity on Etsy ($46). 

2. The Panthella

While you can buy lookalikes for much less, if you want the official Panthella model being produced today, this is it. Verner Panton's design is being made by a Danish company called Louis Poulsen, and they come in a variety of colors and sizes. The mini versions shown here are sold individually through CA Modern Home ($618). 

3. Mantar lamp in black

This handsome lamp takes its name from the Turkish word for mushroom: Mantar. The Mantar is an homage design inspired by Vico Magistretti's "Atollo" lamp dating to 1977. While an original will cost you quite a bit more, you can snag this one for less on Revival ($199). 

4. Piccola adjustable lamp

The Piccola offers a unique take on the mushroom lamp by adding a leather beanbag-style base. Considering that beanbag chairs are also rooted in the '70s, it's a perfect touch for an adjustable lamp available through Room Service 360 ($195). 

5. Hastings table lamp

The Hastings table lamp is another style inspired by Vico Magistretti's "Atollo" design with a cone-shaped base and domed shade. It comes in the dark bronze color shown here, along with light bronze and oxblood hues via West Elm ($249).

6. Glass mushroom lamp

If you prefer your mushroom lamps to actually look like mushrooms, then a glass version like this one from Amazon ($26.99) might be your top pick. The bright orange color recalls the '70s as well and is right on trend these days. 

7. Ceramic mushroom lamp

Another variation of the realistic mushroom lamp, but this one is made of ceramic material. It's available through West Elm Kids ($159), but we think kids of all ages could fall in love with this one. 

8. Wonderland natural wicker lamp

While wicker and rattan were used for furniture and other decorative items for decades prior, plenty of items were made with this boho vibe in the '70s. You can get this revival version from Crate and Kids ($149), but it clearly looks great in grown-up settings, too. 

9. Modern aesthetic mushroom lamp

A big 'ole plastic mushroom lamp? Yes, and we like it. Plastics had their place in home decor in the '70s, and this lamp found on Etsy ($55), available in orange or white, is right at home in the 2020s. 

10. Made by hand nightlight

Like to support individuals crafting by hand? This mesmerizing terrarium-style lamp lets you do just that on Etsy ($53). DIY kits are also available if you'd rather make it yourself. 

11. Flowerpot replica lamps

The Flowerpot mushroom lamp is another popular style based on one of Verner Panton's designs. These LED lights are available individually in an array of colors to match most decorating schemes on Etsy ($76).

12. Italian rechargeable mushroom lamp

Sleek and portable, these modern mushroom lamps are practical, but they also look amazing in any spot that needs a little accent light. Available in a variety of hues individually through Etsy ($68).

13. Orange glass mushroom lamp

A little glass mushroom lamp that looks great nestled among houseplants? Yes, please. This orange one is available from Valley Cruise Press ($139). 

14. Wooden varieties

Like real mushrooms, wooden ones made of walnut and beech come in all shapes and sizes. Pick one from this patch available individually on Etsy ($36 to $54)

15. Tripod lamp

And now for something completely different, how about a lamp decorated with mushrooms instead of shaped like one? This modern vibe tripod lamp is also available on Etsy ($90).