The One State Where Winter Weather Didn't Cool The Low-Cost Housing Market

Homebuyers are scrambling to find affordable homes as they face an expensive housing market set off by low supply, high mortgage rates, and lingering economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Earlier in 2022, the average price of a residence hit a record high of $348,079, forcing prospective homeowners to either pause their home search or expand their options outside their state. Last year's most popular and affordable locations to move to include Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and Texas. Ohio is another top contender, with thousands of people from Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Michigan choosing the Buckeye state as their new home, per 

And although Ohio may not be as sunny and warm as Florida or Texas, homebuyers don't seem to mind the frigid winters after looking at tantalizing listing prices for homes that suit their needs. We'll break down the most popular Ohio cities, the average home prices, and other aspects that have made this area a popular inbound state in the Midwest.

Low prices and fun activities

According to, a wide range of home sale prices are available in Ohio, depending on the city you're hoping to move to. Can't afford the $344,000 average price tag in Dayton? Akron is about a 3-hour drive away, where the average sale price is $176,000. Other popular cities include Cincinnati and Canton, where buyers can also expect lower mortgage payments. And not only do residents enjoy affordable housing costs, but also a plethora of local activities.

"Columbus, Ohio's largest city, is the state's capital and home to Ohio State University as well as a booming art and nightlife scene," says Hannah Jones, economic data analyst at "Dayton boasts the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and is conveniently situated between Columbus and Cincinnati, making it a great location for military employees to live within easy driving distance of two of Ohio's largest cities."

So although Ohio winters are typically cold, the chance to save over $100,000 on a home may be what pushes you to purchase a four-wheel drive truck and a parka to accommodate a new, affordable lifestyle.