21 Functional And Fabulous Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas

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A well-functioning kitchen has not only enough space to perform daily tasks, durable finishes, and enough seating for the whole family but also a variety of lighting options to accommodate different needs. A commonly popular option is under-cabinet lighting, which brightens up countertop space and enhances performance but can also highlight extravagant backsplash features. If there's a kitchen table present, it's also common to ensure it's surrounded by natural light during the day while a light fixture hanging above is used at night.

However, nowadays, kitchen islands are where families are spotted eating meals, doing homework, and conversing. Therefore, it's crucial to find the perfect, complementary light fixtures that will elevate the design of your kitchen and create a brighter ambiance. There are hundreds of lighting styles that come in different shapes and sizes, and we've narrowed it down to 21 options that fit a variety of aesthetics we're sure you'll fall in love with.

1. Something simple

The Beau Loop Brass Linear Pendant Light from Crate and Barrel is $399 and can be used to complement a minimalist kitchen while also adding a touch of warmth to the space.

2. Industrial lighting

Those with a kitchen featuring an industrial design will appreciate the Industrial Flare Pendant in Antiqued Brass from Arhaus. We especially enjoy the textured, seeded glass that can create a sense of interest above your island. It's priced at $349.

3. Ruffled pendants

The Madrona Linear Pendant Light from Lulu and Georgia is a stunning option that would look beautiful over a marble island. Its ruffled pendants and gold accents would look fabulous next to wood-toned cabinetry. It currently costs $498.

4. High contrast

If you're in need of some striking contrast, we suggest taking a look at the Kenroy Home Conical Wide Linear Chandelier from Build with Ferguson. Its black finish can create a dramatic, interesting ambiance in a space full of complementary yet lighter hues. This light costs $387.

5. Spherical, modern lighting

The Bubi Modern Black Island Pendant Light from Homary is about $495 and would be a unique and fun addition to a modern kitchen. 

6. Farmhouse lighting

Those with a farmhouse or rustic kitchen design may want to install a couple of the Beacon Recycled Glass Pendants from Pottery Barn above their island. It's simple yet interesting due to the blown glass shade. It's priced at $449.

7. Elegant chandeiler

If your kitchen island is large and beautiful, you must choose lighting that won't be easily overshadowed, such as the Swoop Arm Chandelier from West Elm. This light fixture can complement a variety of aesthetics from modern to contemporary and even farmhouse if done right. The price starts at $599.

8. Rattan pendant

The Kenroy Home Moon 1 Light Pendant from Target would make an excellent addition to a bohemian, Scandinavian, or minimalist design home. It's a light and airy fixture made of rattan that will create a sense of coziness and relaxation. It's currently priced at about $227.

9. Geometric shades

This chandelier pendant from Walmart is about $54 and features golden geometric shades that can complement gold hardware while also bringing your kitchen island to life by introducing fun shapes. 

10. Candle light chandelier

Every night can feel as though you're eating a candlelight dinner while sitting below the product pictured above from Lamps Plus. It can easily be incorporated into a modern farmhouse home and is priced at about $400.

11. Crystal chandelier

The Gemma Crystal Round Chandelier from Pottery Barn is another example of a chandelier that would look stunning over a kitchen island. It's beautifully chic and would be a great option if you're hoping to make the island a focal point. The price starts at $999.

12. Looped rod

Although the white shade of this pendant from Crate and Barrel is fairly simple, the design is instantly made interesting with the introduction of a looped bronze rod. This product can complement a contemporary space and is priced at $229.

13. Milk glass

The Henry Pendant from West Elm features a milk glass shade we believe would better stand out compared to a regular glass shade. This product can be used to create a calm aesthetic with neutral color schemes. It's priced at $159.

14. Perfect for minimalists

Lulu and Georgia's Nodes Pendant Light is small yet sleek and sophisticated, making it a great option in a minimalist home. This light fixture won't distract from other extravagant kitchen features. It currently costs $300.

15. Midcentury light fixture

This wood and metal pendant from Walmart is about $38. We believe the angled frame can be used to complement similar décor found in a midcentury-styled home.

16. Truly vintage

If you're a fan of vintage décor, we suggest taking a look a the Harney Wide Pendant from Build with Ferguson. It's priced at $200, featuring seeded glass and a dimensional, curvy shape.

17. Victorian edge

This black, crystal chandelier from Target has some Victorian-era vibes we believe will give your kitchen island a truly elegant touch. It's currently priced at about $153.

18. An eclectic design

The chandelier glass balloon pendant from Homary is a unique and interesting design that would look amazing in an eclectically designed home. Additionally, the different shapes and colors can easily complement other existing hues in the space. It's priced at about $254.

19. Mini chandelier

If you enjoy the extravagant appearance of a chandelier but fear it may be too gaudy, we suggest giving the Clarissa Modern Pendant from Pottery Barn a try. It has a similar appearance to a chandelier but on a smaller scale and costs $399.

20. Brass accents

Although the Remi Conical Pendant Light from Crate and Barrel features a simple taper shade, the overall design is elevated by the brass accents that line the edges of the fixture. We believe this product would look best in a contemporary home. It's currently priced at $449.

21. Oversized pendant

Oversized pendants have been a rising trend in interior design. If you'd like to hop onto that trend, the Hammered Metal Pendant from West Elm may be what you've been searching for. Not only does it have an interesting texture, but the large scale can help create a unique balance in your space. It costs $299.