Candle Warming Lamps Are Trending But Are They Better Than Burning Candles?

So many of us enjoy the scent of a favorite candle filling the living room, even though burning it means you need to stay diligent of the open flame. You can't fully relax and take in the aromatherapy of your candle's fragrance when you're constantly worrying about an accident happening and a fire starting. That's where warming lamps come in. These gadgets sidestep a burning flame by using electricity and a halogen light bulb to melt the wax instead. Since you don't have to actually light the wick, warming lamps are considered a safer alternative.

Using a warming lamp also expands the possibilities of when and where you melt your candle. It requires hardly any attention, so you can leave it in another room. Available in many different materials, colors, and shapes, warming lamps will add a decorative element to your home, and they come in various sizes to best fit the candles you prefer. The perfect lamp is sure to work seamlessly with your décor style.

No dirty soot

A big problem when burning a candle is the soot it creates. After you've lit the wick, the flame slowly melts the wax, and smoke is released into the air in your home. This is a problem because the smoke may create toxic fumes for you to breathe in, warns Candle Warmers Etc. Along with potentially harming your lungs, the soot will leave marks on any furniture or walls that are near your candle. The buildup of thick layers of black soot is more likely to happen in your home if you frequently burn lots of candles.

Warming lamps are a better option because there's no flame or smoke involved. Instead, they melt the top layer of the candle by warming it with a lightbulb. As the wax melts, it releases the fragrance oils into the air for you to smell and enjoy just as it would if you had lit the wick. Once that top layer has lost all of its scent, you'll need to pour out the wax to continue to use your candle. This makes it slightly messier than traditional burning, but it's a minor inconvenience for protecting your lungs, home, and furniture.

Warming lamps make your candles last longer

Another plus when using warming lamps is that they make your candle last longer. Since there's no flame directly on the wax, it melts slower. This allows you to really get your money's worth and continue using the same candle for as much as three times longer than usual. When you're burning a new candle, you'll need to leave it lit until the first layer has completely melted so it doesn't tunnel. Otherwise, there will be wasted wax along the sides of the container. This is never a problem with warming lamps.

You can simply turn off the light whenever you're done using your candle instead of having to wait during the first burn. Being able to do this allows you to use or extinguish your candle whenever you like. Then you won't spend time wasting wax. However, there is one minor downside to using a warming lamp. For it to work, you need electricity. If you're an avid candle user, you may find your electricity bill going up a bit when it would have been free to light the candle.