Why You Should Keep Your Toilet Lid Closed, According To Feng Shui

Compared to other rooms in your home, bathrooms have the lowest flow of chi. Because of this, it's important that your bathroom remains a clean, peaceful, and refreshing place. However, even though bathrooms are low-energy, they also mostly consist of water features with pipes flowing in and out of your sink, shower, drains, and toilet. Water can carry a lot of chi energy with it, so every drop should be used with care anywhere in your home. This rule is especially important when it comes to your toilet, which is strictly used for carrying wastewater out of your home — and a significant amount of energy with it.

It would be difficult to function in modern society without a toilet in your home, but how might its plumbing affect your home's feng shui? Can you use a toilet without potentially flushing a fortune? Thankfully, toilets are absolutely safe to use — as long as you remember to put the lid down when you're done! Here's why this simple habit is so important to your bathroom's feng shui.   

An open toilet whisks away wealth

Keeping your toilet lid closed is one of the easiest things you can do to improve feng shui. Any open drain is considered to have bad feng shui, allowing the life force to flow out from your house. Water represents intuition, wealth, careers, and social success, so it's important to treat water with care and respect. If you think about it, the toilet opening is one of the biggest drains in your home, so closing it off will prevent prosperity and positive vibes from escaping behind your back. 

Asides from the beliefs in feng shui theory, there are some other reasons why an open toilet lid brings bad vibes. The first reason is germs and closing the lid can keep their biological burden to a minimum. When toilets are flushed with the lid open, an aerosol effect is created, sending bacteria up into the air and spraying several feet around the toilet. While a closed lid won't prevent all germs from escaping, it can drastically limit the spray distance.

Lastly, toilets have a 'yuck' factor in most cultures. When people walk into your bathroom, they don't want an open toilet to be the first thing they see. Even if your toilet is clean, looking into the water can still feel unsettling — not to mention if there's any evidence left behind from the last visitor.  

Other ways to improve your toilet space

Most people would prefer to have a toilet in their homes, even if it brings some bad feng shui. You can have modern conveniences without ruining your chi, as long as you follow some simple habits and decorate your space accordingly. Most importantly, keep your bathroom and toilet as clean as possible. As previously mentioned, germs and dirt can severely impact positive chi in feng shui. Apply a cleaning solution and scrub the toilet bowl at least every 7 days, or whenever you see stains or stubborn waste marks. Don't forget to sanitize the lid and handle at least once per week, too. 

Next, make sure the aesthetics of your toilet area are in tip-top shape. Store plungers and brushes discreetly; dirty plungers and stained brush bristles can instantly bring down the vibe. Keep unnecessary clutter away from the toilet area as much as possible, but consider adding elements of wood or earth to ground the chaotic water energy. A live plant, wooden footstool, or gold toilet paper holder can work well for this. Finally, mirrors reflect energy, so placing a small mirror next to or above your toilet can bounce some prosperity and wealth back into the space.