Why Mirrors Should Never Face The Bathroom Door, According To Feng Shui

Mirrors are one of the most useful tools in our homes, though they have the most superstitions. Nearly every corner of the world has its own beliefs about mirrors and the rituals associated with them. It's often believed that mirrors are reflective of the souls around them, which is why many cultures and faiths cover mirrors during mourning. This also explains popular urban legends associated with the object, like Bloody Mary or vampires, not being able to see their reflections.

Feng shui practitioners also have their own beliefs surrounding the arrangement of mirrors in the home. A major cause of bad feng shui in your bedroom is having a mirror facing your bed, for example. The reflective quality of mirrors is especially a cause for concern for feng shui. This belief extends throughout the home, including your bathroom. Specifically, it's considered bad feng shui for a mirror to face your bathroom door.

Amplifying negative energy

The bathroom is a bit of a tricky area when it comes to feng shui. There are a lot of rules surrounding the room, and it's regarded as a negative space. This is for a few reasons. One, bathrooms tend to be hard to keep clean, constricting the positive flow of energy. Two, the motion of flushing is synonymous with washing away positive energy, wealth, prosperity, etc.

As Feng Shui Nexus explains, mirrors in feng shui are believed to intensify whatever energy is present in a space and reflect the energy directed towards it. If a mirror faces your bathroom door, it will reflect and amplify the negative energies in your bathroom and disperse it throughout your home. This applies to both mirrors facing your bathroom from outside the space, as well as mirrors inside your washroom. The same can be said for mirrors facing your toilet.

Feng shui solutions

If you have a mobile mirror facing your bathroom door, the simplest solution is to move it. However, that may not always be an option. If your mirror is positioned above your sink, for example, or if you're renting and aren't allowed to remove installed features. It's a very common feng shui tip always to keep your bathroom doors closed to prevent energy from getting stuck in the room, and this can also help with any issues associated with a mirror facing the door.

Your Chinese Astrology also recommends a few tips for reducing the negative effects. The more straightforward option is to add a few plants outside the door to counter negative or stagnant energy. A more involved method is to hang coins from your doorway at the same level as the mirror. You could also install an angled mirror or one covered with a cabinet door.