Granny Square Patterned Tiles Are The Perfect Way To Bring The Crochet Trend Into Your Home

In fashion, everything seems to be cyclic, with trends you thought were gone for good always coming back decades down the line — and that's exactly what happened with crochet. The unique style of fabric that was popularized in the '70s has been popping up on trendy runways everywhere, incorporated in everything from clothing to swimwear to accessories.

If you love adding vintage flair to your home interior — or simply adore the look and texture of crocheted materials — you may be wondering whether you can translate that trendy attire into your home décor choices. The good news is, you can. One of the easiest ways is through accessories utilizing the fabric, such as crocheted pillows, wall hangings, or baskets. These are also an ideal solution for those who don't tend to veer in the vintage direction but want to add a few pops of crochet flair throughout their space. Accessories can bring in the look without overpowering the existing aesthetic of your space.

However, if you truly love the look and want to infuse the slightly bohemian crochet vibe in a particular area of your home in a more permanent way, there's a unique solution you may have never considered — tile. In particular, granny square patterned tiles, which take their design inspiration from, as you may have guessed, the iconic granny square. They have a very distinctive and eye-catching look that may not be for everyone, but for those who want something outside the ordinary, they could be just the ticket.

The perks of granny square patterned tiles

While many immediately think of paint when they consider adding a splash of color to a space, tile is actually a fantastic way to make a bold style statement. Whether you're choosing tile in a vibrant shade or an arresting pattern, it can completely refresh even the smallest spaces — and something like granny square patterned tiles incorporate both color and pattern to make a huge visual impact.

If you're not planning on changing anything but the tile in the space you're revamping, you want to be careful with your selection and note all the colors present in your desired granny square tile. For example, if you want a pop of contrast to your white cabinetry and pale walls, you might consider a pattern with a black backdrop or trim. On the other end of the spectrum, those who want their space to feel as open and airy as possible, with a few sprinkles of color, may veer towards something with a white background or trim. Take note of the accent colors visible on the tile as well — incorporating a few accessories in those shades is a great way to make your tiles feel cohesive with the rest of the room.

And you can even have fun with the grout. Clé Tile, who produce a variety of granny square tiles, suggests matching the grout to a particular hue you love from the pattern rather than automatically going for the most neutral option.

The aesthetics they're best suited for

While granny square print tiles would make an interesting contrast to a modern or minimalist aesthetic, there are particular aesthetics that these tiles automatically seem fairly cohesive with. If your home falls into one of these camps, granny square print tiles might be a fun way to add a bit of extra visual interest without worrying you're straying too far from your home's existing look and feel.

The most obvious is the bohemian aesthetic — if this is how you style your home, chances are you may even have a few crocheted accessories, such as a pillow or plant hanger, already. These tiles can be a fun way to introduce that same vibe in a unique way, bringing in color and pattern without the textural component found in other crocheted pieces.

Any aesthetic that prizes unique or handmade pieces is also a natural fit for granny square print tiles, such as a cottagecore or vintage space. While manufacturers jumping on the granny square trend are modernizing it, placing the print atop concrete and other modern materials, the heart of this trend is rooted in the past.

Finally, anyone who loves maximalist interiors bursting with color and print may want to try these stunning tiles. Especially if rugs are currently the only way you're adding flair to your flooring, swapping out neutral tiles, wood, or carpeting for granny square print tiles will have a major impact.