Mix And Match Your Colored Appliances The Right Way

Don't trade style for function; the two can work together. Your kitchen is the perfect example of this. The room sees a ton of traffic, and materials have to be durable to stand up to water, stains, and cooking tools. For many homeowners, stylish backsplash tiles, beautiful stone countertops, and cabinet colors are the best options to infuse personality into their space. But what about the appliances? Stainless steel and metallic black finishes aren't your only options for large and small appliances. Take a pop of color a little further than a red statement toaster.

Many homeowners are opting for colorful finishes for their major kitchen appliances. Some are taking a DIY approach. Social media is full of videos of people painting their fridges and using a clear poly coat or applying patterned wallpaper to give the appliance a customized look. But for those who don't want to take on another project, there are appliances that come out of the box with bright hues. Don't let having to incorporate more colors into the kitchen scare you away from mixing and matching your appliance colors.

It starts with the right color palette

When decorating with any kind of color, it's best to start with a color palette. Because colored appliances create such a statement and are a big investment, you want to ensure they work together. Take a look at some of the most popular finishes for colored appliances and use this to help you develop a color palette. Using three colors is the sweet spot, as it allows you to have one main color with two accent colors throughout the room.

Which appliances you have and which you want to be colored should also factor into your color palette. Major appliances like the refrigerator, range, and hood could all be one color, while your countertop appliances like the toaster and coffee machine could be another. Knowing that the larger appliances are an investment, matching them can ensure that they work together and allow you to infuse other colors in smaller ways.

But if you're someone who likes a lot of color, you can go bold and choose different shades for your major appliances. In this case, it's best to choose a different color for each major appliance and weave consistency through the smaller appliances. For example, the fridge and toaster could match while the range and coffee machine match in a different color.

Consider the kitchen's other features

Colored appliances can be a bold feature, which means the other details of the kitchen can become an afterthought. Backsplash tile, countertops, and cabinets will all work together to ensure the overall design looks cohesive. Allow colorful appliances to shine by keeping the other features of the kitchen on the neutral or more muted side. Classic colors like black, white, and gray will always pair well with colorful appliances and also provide a good backdrop if you ever want to change up the color scheme.

That's not to say that neutrals are your only option. A muted or soft blue or green can act as a neutral, providing a colorful background that won't interfere with the colorful appliances. Balance should be the design goal, so the space doesn't feel overwhelmed with too many shades.

The other kitchen features should be considered in the color scheme. The color of the backsplash, counters, and cabinets should also contribute. So if you want to have a bold and bright backsplash, that may mean having fewer colored appliances or pairing the tile with a neutral countertop or cabinets. So if you're loving the idea of a blue, mint, and pink color scheme, the backsplash could be a deep blue, while your appliances can be a mix of mint and pink.