Our Best Tips For Good Feng Shui In Your Bedroom (& Mistakes You'll Want To Avoid)

Your bedroom may have good looks, but does positive energy flow through it? The design of your bedroom is directly tied to how well you're able to rest and recharge. As the room we spend the most of our time in, the bedroom needs to be a haven that's conducive to relaxation. Feng shui is concerned with life force energy, so the right choices will invite positive energy and make it easier to sleep and unwind.

Good feng shui in the bedroom goes beyond your decor choices and touches on all aspects, from how the room is laid out to your daily routine. This is why feng shui principles are a great guide for designing. They help you achieve a proper balance in your senses as well as the elements to get the best flow in your space. Here are our best tips to promote good feng shui in the bedroom and some things to avoid to maintain your chi.

Good bedroom feng shui

You need the right layout, peaceful colors, and intentional accessories and pairs in your bedroom. The bed is the most important part of the layout and should be placed where you can see the door, or in the command position. Neutral, muted tones like off-white, cream, and brown bring in calm energy, so opt for those when planning your color scheme. When it comes to accessories, let the five senses guide your choices. Select scented candles or diffuse essential oils, use bedding that's soft to the touch, and keep out any stressful or agitating sounds.

Another tip is to buy things like bedside tables and lamps in pairs. Having these items in twos promotes harmony and love according to feng shui. Clutter is a big hindrance to good feng shui in any part of the house, so keep your bedroom organized, even in out-of-sight spots like under the bed and in the closet. Good bedroom feng shui also depends on your routine, so make your bed and let in fresh air and light in the mornings.

What to avoid

It might be tempting to have a TV or computer in your room to provide something you can fall asleep to, but technology is bad for bedroom feng shui. Mirrors, especially when placed in front of the bed, big paintings or photos hung above the bed, and furniture that is too big for the room should be avoided. All of these things can invite bad or unsettling vibes into a space that needs to be as peaceful as possible while you rest.

In that same vein, plants and bodies of water should also be avoided in the bedroom. Plantsmay not be bringing in negative energy, but their energy is concerned with growth and life, which isn't in line with what you're trying to achieve in a bedroom. The water element has no place in the bedroom in feng shui, whether it's something as grand as a fountain or something as simple as a photo of the ocean, so avoid this as well.