How To Display Bath Bombs To Make Your Powder Room Look Like A Spa

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Bath bombs are a great way to create a beautiful and relaxing aromatic bath, but storing them can be a bit difficult. Their round shape makes it hard to store in something open and flat like a shelf or a bin. And they should really be stored in something that closes so the moisture in your bathroom doesn't ruin them. Still, you'll likely want to see them displayed, especially the more decorative bath bombs, because just their visual and scented presence can make your bath or powder room feel like a real spa.

This is why you should be storing your bath bombs in glass jars. Something like the one from Folinstall would be perfect. It's available on Amazon for $20. You could also get glass jars in sets, using the smaller sizes for cotton balls, Q-tips, bath salts, laundry tabs, and so on. You can find these jars from almost every major retailer that sells home supplies and décor. Oftentimes, the lid will suction onto the jar, meaning no moisture can enter and ruin your bath bombs, but you can still see them displayed in your bathroom. This makes them both easy to reach for and aesthetically pleasing.

Other storage ideas

The best way to store and display bath bombs is in anything that is completely airtight. With those parameters in place, you can get pretty creative. If you have a lidded candle jar, clear glass or otherwise, you could clean it out and use it to store your bath bombs, for example. Just make sure it's large enough to hold at least a few of them, and remove all the candle wax first. Do this by either pouring boiling water into the jar and removing the released wax, or freezing the jars and popping out the frozen wax.

You're not limited to cylindrical storage, either. Acrylic boxes, like this one from The Container Store for $15, work just as well as glass apothecary jars and still give off that spa aesthetic vibe. This one even has three separate compartments for separating different scents of bath bombs. If you don't want to display your bath bombs but still want something decorative, you could store them in metal tins, like this one on Amazon from Lola Creates Co. for $25.