The New Tolkning Collection At IKEA Is Taking The Rattan Storage Trend To The Next Level

Rattan baskets have become a common storage method used in a variety of spaces such as the front entry, mudroom, master closet, and more. As a result of their popularity, many retailers have come out with their own versions, including Ikea. Their recent collection, Tolkning, offers different types of storage décor and other complementary furniture made of rattan, a natural material the furnishing company prides itself on using.

"The Tolkning series reflects a heritage that is worth preserving — man and nature together and skills passed on from generation to generation," notes product developer Simi Gauba on the Ikea website. "They have a soul and warmth that many people like — perfect if you want to add genuine materials and natural beauty to your home." If you aren't yet part of the rattan storage craze, we'll reveal which products from this new Ikea collection can get you started. We'll also break down different ways to design around these storage systems.

Useful storage features

The first product we'd like to mention is the Tolkning bench with storage, which features an eye-catching herringbone pattern on the inside of the lid. This is a versatile piece we could imagine in many different rooms. For instance, it could be placed at the foot of a bed or in a front entry as a method to store shoes and provide a spot to sit down and put them on. It's currently priced at about $150, and we believe this handmade woven product can be used to add warmth to a space and complement either neutral hues or vibrant shades of blue, green, or orange.

Another storage option in the Tolkning collection is the basket, which is currently priced at about $40. The texture and mixture of natural rattan with a soft fabric liner work great. This stylish basket can be used to elevate a linen or bedroom closet, and its low height of 7.5 inches makes it a convenient product for tight spaces. We'd also like to note the beautifully woven handle, which can make retrieving items a smoother process.

Easy to use products

Those in search of a natural material storage option for their laundry room should take a look at Ikea's 8-gallon laundry basket. It's currently priced at about $90, and it features two white wheels that make moving clothing and other items easier. Not only do the wheels help improve functionality, they also keep the basket off the ground and help prevent water damage that may occur from a leak or spill.

Finally, while this may not be a storage item, we can't help but mention the room divider that's also part of this collection. It's currently priced at about $180, and could be especially useful for studio apartments where you need to create a division between different areas. It features a simple, transparent cross-woven design that could be paired with the products mentioned earlier or other décor items made of natural and sustainable materials. Additionally, it's a lightweight product that's easy to fold and store away when necessary.