The Simple Hack That Will Help You Clean Out The Toaster Crumbs You Can't Reach

Regular maintenance of appliances is essential to keep them working properly. But small countertop appliances like the toaster can be overlooked during kitchen cleanings. These handy tools do a great job of trapping crumbs inside, so you may not even notice a buildup of crumbs from toasts past. But crumbs can lead to smoke and burning, which is serious a hazard, making regular toaster cleaning essential. If you didn't know, toasters are equipped with a removable crumb catch tray that you can easily pop out and rinse in the sink without fear of electrocution. But that doesn't solve all the crumby problems. 

You'll likely still notice toasty crumbs trapped between the electrical cages, and shaking the toaster back and forth, upside down, will only get you so far. But one TikToker, Jessica Haizman, has a great cleaning hack. To get each crumb free from your toaster, Haizman turns to one unexpected tool that you probably keep in the bathroom, not in the kitchen — the hairdryer. Here's how to use this nifty cleaning hack safely and efficiently. 

How to use a hairdryer to clean the toaster

Before you use this method, be aware of a few safety precautions. When working with any appliance, you want to make sure the device is unplugged from the wall in order to prevent electrocution. Additionally, when you're using a hairdryer on anything other than hair, be sure to keep the heat to a minimum and hold it a few inches from the toaster at all times. Hairdryers can get extremely hot and may damage your toaster, and just like you don't want to put a fork in a toaster, you don't want to put your hairdryer directly against metal either. 

The blowdryer will push the crumbs to the bottom of the toaster, allowing you to get every bit into the catch tray. Then just give the trays a quick wash in the sink with dish soap and warm water. Let dry fully, and re-insert your catch trays for a crumb-free, fresh and clean toaster.