The Artistic Way To Repurpose Your Mementos

Cherished memories are the markers of a life well-lived. Things like ticket stubs, newspaper and magazine clippings, greeting cards, and invitations are tangible reminders of the people and places we encounter and the experiences we live out. All too often, those special keepsakes get tucked away with old photos that only get taken out from time to time as we reminisce. That's certainly a nice thing to do, but think about what it would be like to live with those things daily instead of occasionally.

Yes, just about anything you own can be framed for display in your home instead of hidden away in a drawer or box. If your mementos aren't flat, no problem. You can artfully enclose them in a shadow box. Just make sure to use archival-quality materials if you're doing it yourself. If you're having a professional framing studio do the work for you, request archival mats and backings to keep your cherished keepsakes looking good for decades to come. But what are some other ways to display your mementos?

Highlight your adventures

When thinking about the types of things you can frame or display in your home, travel-themed mementos and souvenirs let you relive unique experiences. Whether you love exploring exotic beaches or learning about new cultures as you traverse the globe, shelves lined with a collection of items from favorite destinations can make an interesting, conversation-starting display. And what about those refrigerator magnets you've been picking up as you tick destinations off your bucket list? If they're tucked away in a drawer or strewn about your fridge instead of being artfully displayed, you're missing a great opportunity to showcase a fun collection. 

Are traditional knick-knacks a bit too kitschy for your taste? Think about framing that scarf you splurged on in Paris, especially if it's just been sitting in a box since it's too good to use. Think about any other unique souvenirs you've picked up that can be admired frequently in an artistic way instead of not nearly often enough. Get out that stack of postcards you carefully selected while touring a once-in-a-lifetime destination, too. They can look amazing as framed artwork.

Repurpose the photos you love

While you might have a stack of old family photos you've inherited, some of the most common mementos these days are the mile-long camera rolls hidden away in cell phones. How often do you really look at those people, places, and things hidden away in your phone, though? Wouldn't it be awesome to have a coffee mug with a picture of your favorite niece — or even your mom's dog — to drink your morning coffee from or showcase on open shelving? Everything from pillows to coasters can feature the photos you love most these days.

With phone cameras taking better photos than ever, you can also consider getting some of your most artsy photos transformed into everything from coffee table books to prints on canvas. The next time you scroll your photos, look at them with a new objective in mind. After all, why display someone else's vision of artistry in your home when you can develop your own? At its core, that's what preserving memories is all about.