Try Adding Texture To Open Up A Small Patio Space

Having any outdoor space, even a small one, is preferable over nothing at all. However, tiny patios can be hard to work with. You're greatly limited in terms of furniture, likely only having room for a couple of chairs and a table. This doesn't just make decorating hard, but also the task of making your space look interesting without being claustrophobic.

However, there is one simple way to open up your small patio — textures. While you may think simpler textures would make your patio look more spacious, it may end up emphasizing the small scale of the area. Instead, fill it with lots of complementary textures, starting easy with plants. Odds are, you have room for a couple of plants on your patio. Take advantage of this by playing with plant textures. Add low-light ferns to areas with more shade, specifically varieties like asparagus ferns that have fuzzier-looking leaves. For sunnier areas, add trailing string of pearls or succulents with similarly waxy finishes. Pair with plants that have more dramatic, colorful, and wide fronds for added textural distinction. Don't forget to sprinkle annual potted flowers in the mix.

Other textures

Aside from plants and flowers, adding other types of texture can also help make your small patio space look more dynamic. Instead of plain chair cushions, look for textured and patterned options. Mix a patterned polyester seat cushion with a neutral-colored honeycomb back pad, for example. You can also throw in some other textiles like throw pillows, blankets, rugs, and so on for extra texture variance. Look for blankets or pillows with fringed edges or rugs with higher piles.

Mixing the textures and materials of your actual furniture can also create a sense of depth. Instead of getting a furniture set with a matching table and chairs, create a unique set using individual pieces — a glass top table, one wooden chair, one metal chair, one cushioned chair, etc. Tailor it to your personal preferences for a unique look that will make your small patio feel much more customized. Even adding a wooden tray to a metal table can help add that textural contrast.