The Trending Kitchen Cabinet Color On TikTok That Will Add Value To Your Home

One of the most difficult decisions you'll make when designing or remodeling your kitchen is what color to paint your kitchen cabinets. Wood has a classic, timeless look, but it can be a bit boring. White is adaptable enough to go with most aesthetic choices, but it also has a tendency to be quite one note. If you want to dip into a more colorful, interesting kitchen design while still increasing the value of your home, try green cabinets.

Green kitchen cabinets have transitioned from an internet trend to a staple in recent years, starting with Dakota Johnson's cozy green kitchen and quickly becoming a popular trend amongst interior design TikToks. Most people have the belief that colorful home features will decrease the value of their home or make it harder to sell, but in this instance, the opposite is true — it can increase your home's value by as much as $6,400, and all it will cost you is a little bit of time and the price of a paint can.

The right shades of green are key

Modern kitchens aren't the first to utilize green cabinetry. Most kitchens that employ this trend tend to have a vintage feel, and this is due to the origin of the design. Green cabinets were most popular in the late 1920s and into the '30s, especially in bungalow-style homes. However, this doesn't mean it's exclusive to retro-inspired kitchens — green can add a pop of color to a sleek and minimalist kitchen, warm up Scandinavian design, and so on.

The trend doesn't apply to just any shade of green, though. Darker, softer, and earthier shades are ideal — olive, military, and sage green are all safe bets. These swatches are a lot more neutral and pair well with a variety of other colors, metals, etc. Stay away from brighter and punchier greens, though, like lime, kelly green, or other yellow-heavy tones. If you want something a little brighter without getting too intense, consider French green.

Benefits of green

Green is a great color to incorporate in your kitchen not just for visual appeal but also for its psychological benefits. Since it's so heavily associated with nature, it has a very grounding, soothing, and calming effect, especially in the darker and softer shades mentioned earlier. This is great for a kitchen, which can often get a little hectic or overwhelming, offering a sense of balance and emotional neutrality.

Depending on how many supplies you already have, this transformation could be a very cheap but very high-reward DIY. You'll need a variety of supplies, including paint brushes, a way to sand the cabinets (unless they're unfinished wood), primer, and of course, the paint itself. Materials alone could range in cost from $200 to $600, but that number is reduced if you have your own materials already or if you have a smaller kitchen. Add some gold or copper hardware to really make it pop and give it a touch of vintage-inspired charm while you have the cabinets under construction. Even on the higher end, the return on this investment is so high it's very obviously worth it, if not just for the gorgeous, tranquil result.